I have just been doing a small training exercise with my dogs. I find that it an excellent way to teach both their sit and patience. It also subtly puts you in the place of top dog. I do this will multiple dogs, especially the ones with ownership issues like Sam and El (the new tibby).
So here is how it goes.
I go out with a bowl of treaties. Today it was just their extra bickies I had after feeding, but sometimes I take smackos or cheese etc. And I call the dogs to me. They all find a spot to sit. If they don't sit the don't get a treat! But anyway they sit in a semi circle around me and they each get a treat in turn. The ones that can catch will practice their catching and the others just get it and practice their self control... until I say yes they can not have it. It also gets them to sit quietly and wait for their turn, they learn that they will get it after the other dogs.
If they do not wait their turn they miss it. If they do not focus they miss their turn. If they shuffle around to get an extra treat they get skipped over. They learn that if they sit where they are they will get a treat, but if they try to steal someone else's treat they don't get anything.
By the time we are down to the last few rounds I free them and make it a game. The terriers love to chase the bickies so I roll them down the patio and they chase them. they others have to really work for their catches and if they miss the little ones snatch it out from under them. That way it ends fun If you could see them you would understand. By the end they are all bouncing around so much that most of them don't know what is going on

So yes I just thought I would share this with you. It is a great game and it teaches them to control themselves and have respect for you, all the while they are having fun!!
If you need clarification let me know!!