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    Hello, my brothers dog is currently staying with us and i think its going to be for a while if not permanent, he is supposed to be staffy X rotti but he looks like an American staffy / Pitbull, anyways hes a beautiful dog at home, hes fine with any of the family dogs in the house.

    But when i take him for a run and he sees another dog on the street he goes mental, i tell him to stop in a firm voice, i even give him a smack on the bum ( nothing hard ) but he acts as if im not there. I think he may have picked it up from the dog that he was previously staying with, hes only about a year old and hes been snipped. We are getting another staffy pup tomorrow and i dont want him to teach our new dog bad habbits. Thankyou for any advice in advance

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    There are quite a few threads regarding dog aggression outside the home which you may be able to find or others could direct you to.

    But firstly getting cranky at your dog, especially if they have zoned out, doesn't work. The dog will see this as you "backing" his dislike of the other dog.

    Hitting will also not help just adds to his dislike of other dogs as this is where his focus is.

    You need to work on some focus techniques and obedience training. This dog at 1yo may never get over it's dislike of other dogs as it may have missed the crucial socialisation period 3-16 weeks old.

    I would suggest you not walk the puppy and this dog together.

    I know this is your brothers dog but if it were me I would not be bringing another dog into the house until you had at least a training plan put in place.

    Join your local obedience club as they can assist you with training techniques and further socialisation.

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    We used to have a guy who would walk his Dog Aggressive dog past our house every day. he would stop and scruff his dog out the front of my house and wait till he calmed down. Once calm would start his walk again. He can now walk past with out a problem. It took about 2 weeks. I think he did it out front my house cos My dogs were Pretty friendly and wouldnt go his dog back.

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    you shouldnt treat aggression with aggression.

    My 5 year old SBT is dog aggressive, when i first got her (4 months of age) she would almost pull my arm off to get to another dog. After time i worked out it is a critical period problem, she didnt get to go and meet other dogs and now has fear aggression with them

    I have taught her to sit and watch me, when another dog comes near us we pull off the path, sit and watch and wait for it to walk past. She is 100 times better now, but it has taken a LOT of time

    I do know she would go for another dog if i was not around to correct her.
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