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    hey guys, if you have seen my intro you'll know this is my first dog, but she will not walk with me, not even around the yard while on the lead, i have read that drag the pup around will teach her to lunge on the lead, plus i think dragging her around would not be fair to her, so any tips on this?

    thanks in advance

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    Please don't drag your puppy around. You have to find something that "motivates" her to offer you the behaviour you want. For some pups it's food, for others it's a particular toy. Some will respond to just your voice & a good cuddle. Work out what your pup likes the best & use that to shape her behaviour. Usually just observing them for a while will give you the key as to what works best. Try & get your puppy to come with you without a lead. Putting a lead on can stress some pups out. Tasks have to be introduced in very small increments & training sessions should be very short when they're young. No more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time. When my pups a very young, I have a tiny quick session each time after they've woken up & after they've been outside for a toilet. Pups sleep a lot, so you could have as many as 30 quick sessions in a day. Most importantly, training should be FUN for both yourself AND the puppy.

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    My first step would be to get her used to wearing her collar.

    After a day or two I would then attach a small lead or even a light pce of rope tied to the collar that she can drag around for 20mins here and there when you are prepared to supervise her so that she doesn't get caught on anything.

    Then just before her next meal, when she is at her hungriest attach her lead hold the lead in your left hand, dog on left and food in your right hand, bending over take a step forward and put food to dogs nose and draw her up with you. Keep the food close, when she comes up beside you give her the food.

    You can also toss little bits of food, yummy BBQ chicken pcs a step in front of her so that she has to walk to it if you are finding all that bending a bit too much. But transfer to getting food from hand as quick as possible.

    If she gets excited when she sees her food bowl, put her meal in the bowl and her on a lead and walk to where she eats.

    Good luck.

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