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Thread: Aggression in Foster Dog.

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    Talking Aggression in Foster Dog.

    Hi All

    Wondering if anyone can help I have a foster dog that has agression towards other dogs. She may have to be moved to another home if I cant sort it out (maybe one without another dog) but I would like to help her and sort it out so she can get her forever home. She is a Kelpie/Heeler X and she is 7 and nueutered.

    She can be timid and afraid sometimes but I think that is due to past treatment. She was with another foster but unfortunatley the girl had to give her up due to work comittments. She wasnt previously living with another dog but now is at mine.

    From day one she has exhibited agression to other dogs. Firstly to my friends Lab puppy (although I put that down to the fact he jumps all over other dogs, normal puppy play!)

    The second time she was off the leash on the beach and she went for an large english bulldog who was standing about about 20m away on path leading on to the beach.

    After that she has generally snapping at nearly every other dog she has come into contact with. She has snapped at my dog now (first time) and held onto his ear.

    She is going for the other dog (biting). I dont know whether it has anything to do with the fact she is itching non stop ( i need to take her to the vet, and i have treated her with frontline). She has a slight bold patch on her back and a bit of scab. I wonder if part of it is she doesnt want other dogs touching it (maybe why she particularly hates strange dogs going behind her as well).

    I thought it was fear agression but because of the way she flew up the beach path to have a go at the bulldog I wonder if there is some territorial problems as well. If we see another dog on a walk (and sometimes people) she starts whining a lot. Ive tried to start sitting her down when we seee them coming and just asking her to be quiet which sort of works but I can see she sometimes gets slightly obsessed, and nothing you do can get her off what she is looking at.

    Hoping this makes some sense, apologies for any ramblngs!! Would really like this sorted.

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    It's really hard to give answers in circumstances like this particularly without seeing the dog etc etc.

    But firstly I would get the dog a complete medical check up.

    I wouldn't be trusting her off lead either. Every success she has in driving off other dogs with her aggression just confirms to her that this is how she should handle herself.

    Clearly her aggression hasn't been handled well in the past and she's likely missed years of socialisation and most likely the critical periods of socialisation early in her life which are the foundation.

    She has been in a few homes and needs time to find her way again. I wouldn't over stimulate her at this stage with anything other than leash walks in her area and would avoid contact with other dogs by crossing the road etc and trying to keep her focus on you etc, and doing this before she shows fear or aggression.

    If it was me I would be joining my local obedience club, chatting to the chief instructor and being put in the class of an experienced instructor as you are going to need lots of tips on how to manage her aggression and having an obedient dog is a good start.

    Be careful not to feel sorry for her or pat or reward her in anyway while she is showing any signs of aggression or fear.

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    Are you with a rescue group who should be helping you out if the dog isn't suitable? If so I would be contacting them and asking their advice also.

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    Agree with BullyT, speak to the rescue group you are dealing with to see what they have to say.

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