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Thread: Big Puppy Who Loves to Pull

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    LOL Mouse not so sure about the grade 3 bit, we had our frist week in Grade 2 on Sunday, not only was Meika 'not listening' and really didnt want to be there, her 'Mum' didnt do so well either, learning the left i thought i had got it and off i went walking along head held high looking ahead (as we are told) with Meika dutifully by my side, then realised i was all alone and the rest of the class was way off in the other direction !!!!!! Hmmmmm think we may hang out in grade 2 for some time to Methinx lots of practice is the way to go, specially on those left turns.

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    Don't worry everyone does that the first couple of times, I normally give the instruction "now get ready for it... LEFT turn to the road, RIGHT turn to the club house". After a while I can drop the extra direction hint.

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