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    Hi everyone.
    We own 2 toy poodles, Faith is 2 years old, Buddy, is the new addition to our family, and he is 6months old.
    We have had both since they were 8 weeks old, and Buddy, was an addition because, my wife wanted a dog for herself. Faith WAS her dog but now is mine. Cutting a long story short, Buddy has had all his shots, and is registered with the local council, so is now legaly allowed to go walkies etc.
    Well..... Buddy hasnt seen a lot of the outside world, cars other dogs, prams kids on bikes etc, and we took both for a walk the other day, and Buddy went pretty well, considering..
    So we took them for a walk today, and Buddy went crazy, he was pulling on the lead, barking at other dogs, just basicaly being a complete pain, not a joy to go walking with at all.
    I am admitting I am NOT a dog trainer, and I would LOVE some help,to calm Buddy down and to make him more like Faith while he is on the lead.
    I have looked on the internet about dog training etc, and fair enough people have to make money, but I am not in the postion to pay mega dollars, as I am on a pension.

    we live in the west subs of Melbourne. if that is of any help.

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    Join an obedience dog club.

    The fees for us are around $55 for a year, with every week, one or two sessions of classes from puppy, beginner through to competition. People who can train their dogs to competition level can do pretty much anything with their dogs. So essentially you get trained in how to train your dog.

    And it's a lot cheaper per week or per class than some of the more formal pay big bucks classes.

    So google obedience dog club and your suburb name or victoria or Melbourne, there are lots. Then pick one near you and ring them up or visit.

    Boofhead sounds like he needs lots of walks to desensitise him. If he goes crazy at another dog, turn him round and walk the other way until he calms down, then try approaching again. Lots of repetition, only praise him or treat him when he does what you want. Never pick him up and cuddle him if he is showing any nasty behaviour. As long as he's not in immediate danger of course. I can't lift my dog out of danger, so I stand with her between my legs and face the danger and yell at it and swat it with the end of the lead if we're being attacked. Doesn't happen very often because she's such a groveller, that any dog that would attack her must be extraordinarily dog aggressive to ignore all the appeasement signals.

    And there's loads of dog training tips here.
    Dog Star Daily

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    Thank you for the quick reply.
    Yes I think Buddy needs to get out and about more to get use to the sights and sounds.
    Maybe "crazy" was the wrong word I used for Buddy's reactionto other dogs. He is still a pup, and basicaly just wants to check them out and do puppy stuff with them.
    There WAS a dog obedience club near my home, many years ago, I will have to see if it still going.

    Once again thanks for the help.

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    I'll echo Hyacinth.

    I think your local dog club is the best bet so that he can be exposed to all the triggers that set him off.

    Arrive early, give him time to calm down. Keep him off to one side so that he can take in the sights and sounds. Walk him away when he goes silly. Come back in when he settles.

    Speak to the chief instructor if possible and tell him/her some your troubles so maybe they can enroll you in a class with a very experienced instructor.

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