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Thread: "Cool" Tricks for a 7yo to Teach

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    Default "Cool" Tricks for a 7yo to Teach


    We have a nearly 9wo puppy and my eldest child is nearly 7.

    I believe he should easily be able to teach the new puppy a couple of tricks which he can then show off to his friends

    I have thought about "shake hands" and maybe "roll over" (he nearly has drop/down already).

    Can anybody give me some easily taught "wow that's cool" tricks suitable for a 7yo to teach? (obviously I'll be helping as much/little as is needed)



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    High Five!
    Can't go past high five

    My 8 year old gets a buzz out of doing it with Loppy for his mates all the time and they think it's mega cool!

    Relatively easy to teach as well .
    Start with puppy at sit and put hand down to the paw you choose for the high five. You may need to touch the paw lightly a few times at first - you may even need to pick the paw up very breifley for the first few times- but you must remember to reward even the smallest try . If puppy only shifts weight off chosen paw as though he's getting ready to lift it , reward.

    Believe me it is easier and quicker than you would ever think.

    Also remember though that your puppy is only very much a baby and will not be able to concentrate hard for very long at all.
    So train little and often
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    Fetch is always a good one..but once the dog fetches the ball and brings it back to you....get the dog to hold the ball and sit infront of you untill you say "give" and hold out your hand, teach the dog to drop it into your hand then you say "heal" and the dog goes around your right leg and returns to sit at your left leg.
    Once the dog has learned that, you can then put a little jump in the way, throw the ball and the dog will go over the jump, fetch and back over the jump to you. Also you can teach the dog to wait as you throw the ball...then say "fetch" so the dog does it all on your commands.

    Fly ball is cool and fun! But you need the fly ball tool (the thing you put the ball into and the dog jumps on the pedal that releases the ball into the air and the dog catches it).

    Speak on command. To need to find something that your dog likes to bark at (my dog used to like the words.."where's the birds"..and she'd bark...other dogs may like a squeeky toy ect)....then put the dog into a sit position looking at you and have your hand like it's in a puppet (thumb and fingers a duck quacking with your hand.....sorry, hope this makes sense??)...when the dog barks...say "speak" and do the hand motion open/close twice then lots of praise.
    Once the dog gets to know the command, it's great...I could sneak up on ppl then do the speak command and she'd scare whoever it was(mum, hubby, friends)...hehehehe

    I had a very well trained dog...she'd also play dead...I'd smack my hands together and say "BANG!" and she'd drop and roll onto her back!

    Also another trick she did that ppl loved...I had a big ball (those plastic light ones that toddlers play with $10 at k-mart)..she'd sit infront of me and as I tossed the ball at her, I'd say "jump" and she jump up and hit the ball back to me so I'd catch it.

    Umm....there is weaving in and out of your legs as you walk.
    The usual sit and stay, drop and stay....I taught my dog this and she could be left anywhere and not move!!

    I think that's enough to keep the 7 y/o busy for the next 6 months!!

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    Hi Reb

    Among other things I have taught my dog to 'touch'.

    I held out my hand flat like you would to do 'stay' or 'stop' then gently touched her nose and said 'touch'. A small treat was given after each time. I repeated this a few times then ended the session.The next day I did the same thing and by end end of that session she had caught on! Each dog will be different in how long it will take them...

    So now I can hold out my hand and say 'touch' and Taya will touch my hand with her nose.

    Very easy!!
    Good luck with the trick training!

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    A super easy one is teaching them to jump through a hoop!
    Its still cool when you are my 3 and 2 year olds think it is great and take turns holding the hula hoop while the other one encourages her though with treats. I can't wait until she can do it for them on command!

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    Ohh yes, shake and high five and great ones and easy to teach. I taught Leo shake first, then shake left and shake right. Then moved my hand up higher in the air for highfive. He can shake left, shake right, highfive left, highfive right all in one go, really impresses

    You could also get your 7yr to teach him the watch/look command, would be very useful too. (Dog focuses his attenion on your eyes and awaits his next command/trick)

    Sit and then stay, get your 7 year old to be able to get him to stay on command and then come when he says so, think the 7year old will get a kick out of that one

    And found speak was easy to teach too, but I wasnt as clever as ozey mum, I would tell Leo to speak, then I would bark and motion with my hand from my mouth (As if helping to project the sound from my mouth) LOL!!! He got it though! and within 2 days but he picks up things rather quickly.... He learnt to sit in a day and shake was the same, a couple of 5 minute training sessions and he had it. Roll over took him a few weeks to learn though, wasnt the easiest for us anyway

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