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    Quote Originally Posted by ollie View Post
    yea your right i think it was because they are to big. ill have a look for the liver treats tomorrow. should i also try the pedigree puppy trainer treats?
    a large varity is a good thing it keeps them interested. you can even give him a choice and see which ones he likes best and use them as a jackpot when he does a really good job.
    Also try to break the peices into bits about 1/2 or 1/3 of your finger nail. This will mean he gets his treat but doesnt get distracted by it and keeps his attention on you to get the next bit. It also means that you can train longer because he will not loose his food drive as quickly.

    Quote Originally Posted by ollie View Post
    i tried chopping up the natures gift treats i had into little bits, the size of somthing really small (cant think of somthing small lol). seems to be working. but when i try with out the treat never works. when i use the treats am i ment to be getting eye contract instead of him look at the treat when i put above its head? sometimes work with out the treat but only straight after i gave him the treat for the previuos sit. do you think i should try buying a clicker and try using that?
    thanks guys
    Can you give us an outline of your training procedure?
    Try not to let yourself chop and change between training methods it could ge a bit confusing. You should make a training plan and stick to it. This is a great place to get help with that
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