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Thread: Two Male Pekingese

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussiemyf7 View Post
    The only reason it 'calms' dogs down is because it eliminates the frustartion of trying to do what is natural instinct to them - to reproduce.
    Im sorry to break it, but im telling you, it doesn't make a dog put on wait or become more lazy. There is no reason as to why it would.
    Ok I understand what you are saying but it just doesn't make sense to me why Max put on weight and suddenly became lazy a week after being desexed? We kept his daily exercise and fed him the same amount each day - no more no less.

    Just seems very strange to me..

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    The idea about them being lazy is just that they don't have sexual energy, which is big part of some dogs. Removal of this, and the chemicals that drive it does change activity levels and can change behaviour. That is why the OP is asking why they should do it. Hormones have a massive impact on behaviour - ever heard of PMS?? Anyone who lives with entire dogs and bitches can tell you just how much extra management goes into maintenance of their sexual behaviours and energy.

    So although technically a myth that desexing changes an animal's personailty, behaviour - including physical behaviour - does change. Base personality may be masked by sexual behaviour and energy, and can be revealed by desexing.

    The behaviour and activity level changes are one of the big benefits of desexing.

    And the desexing op in girl dogs is not tying tubes but a full hysterectomy.

    So to answer the original question - yes, I think desexing one or even both of the Pekes could improve the situation. But don't forget that some dogs are just food possessive. Feeding them in separate rooms behind closed doors may manage the problem - one in the bathroom, and one in the laundry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitesnake View Post

    Our male pekingese are 8 and 2 years old both non desexed. The 2 y.o regularly gets jelous and has fights especially over food. We try to feed them seperately but when he ges territorial its hard to prevent it. When they are separate, they bark at each other on purpose!!!

    The funny thing is the young one likes the older one and gets lonely when he is not around? I am thinking desexing the younger one will change his attitude.

    Am I right??. Any suggestions??

    Hey Whitesnake,

    You got a few things happening here, not just the one...

    But I would still highly recommend that you de-sex both your dogs. I cannot comprehend why your family would consider de-sexing one, but not the other? Unless you are registered breeders, it doesn't make any sense to me, I'm sorry.

    De-sexed dogs get aggressive over food too. Heck, so do my kids!
    If the 2 year old male gets aggressive over his food (towards the other one) "trying" to separate them is not good enough - you must feed them separately so they can both eat in peace.

    Um, barking at teach other on purpose is normal, like, they wouldn't bark accidentally, IYKWIM. That IS their way of communicating, remember.

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    I agree with nattylou Belle, the situation with your Max indeed can happen, and indeed does with some dogs.

    Taking away their need to procreate is one thing, but the entire brain-wave of an animal's make-up can be altered. Please note the use of the word can.

    Many ppl when getting a dog de-sexed do not realise they need to keep a close eye on the dog's metabolism and level of activity, and if need be regulate and lesson the amount of food given etc.

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    It does not make working dogs fat to desex them, I suspect that pets may not be as active after desexing and so need less food but are still fed too much, maybe cut down on fod but give bones like brisket bones to chew on to keep the dog happy but not over fed, a mate of mine gives her dog apples because thst is what he likes for a low cal snack, desexing is definately a move in the right direction for both dogs here.

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