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Thread: Release Command & Sit/down Problems

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    Question Release Command & Sit/down Problems

    I've started doing some training involving the release command 'OK!'
    I don't think Cookie understands that once i say OK! she is released..
    I've tried changing my tone of voice into a high pitched scream, randomly flinging my arms like a lunatic, and tapping the floor all whilst saying OK!
    None of them seem to be working, I don't really want to FORCE her to move though..

    Another problem I have is her sit & down.
    She understands what sit is and what down is. Except when she goes down, she doesn't sit up again?
    And again, I don't want to physically force her to do anything?

    Very much appreciated

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    With the release command, at first rocky would just sit there and keep looking at me, so I would say 'Ok' or 'Finish' and then walk away and he gets up to follow and then realises he's no longer sitting and does his own thing!

    I'm sure there are better methods thats just what I found to work for me

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    try when give the release word, initiate a game with tug toy. This becomes the reward, and the reward always comes after the release, so dog learns difference betweeen working and release.

    Not sure I worded that right but I hope you get what i am saying
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    Like any other command the release command must be taught and practiced.

    Playfully nudge or with lead tug puppy out of the sit or drop. With little puppies I will often just pick them and put them on all fours a foot or so from the sit/drop position. Reward.

    I say "free", clap my hands twice and crouching walk backwards a step or two for encouragement.

    A good release command can mean that the stay command is not as necessary.

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