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Thread: I Want to Take Bones Off My Dog

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    Default I Want to Take Bones Off My Dog

    My dog always acts aggressive when he has a bone, he won't give it up for anything. He isnt aggressive at anything else, this is the only problem. i read online that i should teach him to drop things for treats such as toys and balls so he becomes use to dropping things on command but he regards his bones too highly. how can i train him to be able to take them out of his mouth. The only way he drops them is if i put him into the submissive position (him lying on his side with my hand on his neck and side) and eventually he just lets it out of his mouth but i dont want to do that i want to just take it out whenever i want.

    please help.

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    Why do you want to take them?

    I have afood aggressive dog, his food is his food. no way would i want to tease him by taking his food off him, at feed time he is put into his run, fed and removed once all the food is gone. No change of hurting anyone.
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    How I treat dogs with food aggression is different to a lot of people, but I toss food to the dog as I walk past (while it's eating the bone) something raw or roast chicken, something with a strong smell.

    Then I put my hand towards the bone and toss a pce of food. Then I offer a pce of food and take the bone, then I return the bone and so on. It may take a few times of tossing food before you can reach for the bone with out a reaction.

    Putting the dog on a lead, and pegging the lead out and bringing the dog to the furthest point that the lead can go may be necessary for a really aggressive dog.

    Previous to this I would of started with tossing raw chunks of meat into the bowl, then taking the bowl away, then adding a pce of meat to the bowl and returning the bowl. This way he learns that something better will often be offered.

    It's hard to explain in type I hope this makes sense. Often you need to look at the whole picture of your relationship with your dog when aggression over food is involved and remember that raw meaty bones are one of the most highly valued things in a dogs life.
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    I always find it's important that a dog give up it's treasure when you say so. What if it picks up something bad or toxic etc that you don't want it to have?

    MAC said it well. Offer something better with the word you want to use. Use a lead. Give the command, eg. "leave it". Give a small correction on the lead if you don't get attention and then offer the better treat when you get what you want - ie the dog leaves what it has in favour for you and your better stuff.

    If you're ever out walking and your dog picks up an item you should be able to get ot from them without a battle.

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    Agree with MAC, the extra we did if Ralph didn't want to give up the bone was growl! Only needed to do this a few times when he was young. Ever since we have been able to take his bone off him or any other food if need be.

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    i want to take it off him becuase A if he has something i don't want him to have aka something unhealthy for him or B if we have young children over and they want to pet him and wrestle with him he'll get too protective of the bone and lash out. i want to be able to take the bone off him safely so that when others come around he doesnt feel like he needs to protect it

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    I can relate as my three all do the same thing.

    But I get where you are coming from.

    I have no advice as I am going through this too, so I am waiting for the reply of others..

    For now I am continuing with giving them their current bones as I honestly do not feel the need to take their bones off them at the moment.

    Let us know how you get on..

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    Lol. I don't have this problem ATM. Give Logan a bone, and she gives it back to me. I give it back to her, she gives it back to me. FGS!

    Swapping the bone for a treat or something that is even more preious than the bone is the key, as others have said. But when your dog does decide to drop it, your ocmmand must be precise. All the best.

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    Kirri always brings bones in from outside.. This is a no no..
    Anyway, we just hold out our hand and say thankyou.. Kirri just drops it in our hand or on the floor.. The bone then goes straight in the bin..
    Hopefully, she will learn that when she brings one inside, she will loose it..  14

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    What MaC said.

    You need to find something he likes better than the bone, eg fresh warm roast chicken flesh (don't give cooked chicken bones).

    I've been lucky with Frosty, I've been able to reach down her throat and pull things out when I want to. Like last Sunday when she got one of those spikey bones from a chicken wing and tried to eat it. Got it before she had a chance to swallow it. One of the techniques I use is to push a bit of her lip over her tooth so that if she does clamp down she bites herself first. But she's not aggressive and doesn't try to bite me at all when i do this.

    She will trade up for things as long as I don't panic and try to run up to her without holding the trade offer out for her to see/smell.

    If I was trying to train an older dog, I think I'd work on trading things that were less valuable so the dog understands my intentions and that he will most likely get his precious object back when the inspection is done, or something better instead.

    You may need to try distraction / interuption in combination. Eg rattle coins in a tin if he snarls when you offer a trade. But I wouldn't try to take a bone or anything else off a growling dog. If it was another dog or child the growling dog had, I'd be pulling tails or chucking buckets of water or whatever I could think of to make it let go.

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