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Thread: What Do You Want in a CD Class

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    Default What Do You Want in a CD Class

    Ok so you've passed your CCD and are now training for CD.

    What would you expect from the class?

    I know not everyone likes to compete but perhaps you've watched the trialling classes at your club?

    Any ideas appreciated.

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    Hi MaC

    We're doing something called "fun CCD". Ie we've finished basic obedience, ie grade 5. This used to be the starting point for going into CCD competiton and classes, but apparently people can enter CCD competion if they pay their money to the parent organisation even if they haven't got their dog to heel reliably. Waste of money if you ask me, but I saw people doing it when I helped out at our comp.

    I can't remember what the difference is between competition classes but I'd want maintenance of what I learned before eg accurate heeling and good stays (we fail). There seems to be a lot more off lead work in the next classes up as best I can tell.

    Fun CCD involves maintenance of heeling accurately, sit,drop,stand (for inspection) stay, recalls. We've just started on remote drop, find the scented toy (or stick if you forgot your toy), fetch the toy/dumbell (or murder the curry comb). And we're doing a bit of agility - which is not the same as Wednesday night agility. Ie it's a bit kindergarden level agility for us farm dog partners who have been going along on Wednesday nights. I wish they wouldn't put treats in the tunnel cos it makes Frosty stop in there to check to see if any are left behind, instead of coming out the other end.

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