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Thread: MN K9 Dog Obedience?

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    Default MN K9 Dog Obedience?

    Hi new to the forums...

    My partner and i have a 8 month old German Sheperd and have been looking at obedience programs to enter her into, just to teach her properly to walk on a lead and polish up her general skills.

    We live on the North side of Brisbane and have found a local facility where for $200.00 they will fully train her in their 1 week course. Our dog will stay on the premises.

    Has anyone had any experience with this particular school?

    Cheers Brendan

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    Personally, I would never ever leave my dog at another premises where someone will train them for me. Particularly not a puppy! Training is a crucial part of your bond with her.

    You have no way of learning the methods used yourself and therefore cannot possibly implement them yourself.

    The ideal option is for you to take her to obedience classes or have one on one training with a trainer yourself. Someone who will teach you to teach her. That way if she has any relapses, you will be able to correct the issue yourself

    She's just hitting the teenage phase that all dogs go through, try stopping dead still when she pulls and only proceeding when she is at your side. She will learn that the only way to go forward is to be by your side. My puppy is hitting that phase himself, he used to be an angel but now he's behaving like a monster
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    I have not experienced anything like that but I would sugest that if you do it you keep up with it at home All their training in the world will not mean anything if she doesnt have to do it at home.
    Good luck!

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    I second that AGB.

    I have no other comments as AGB has basically said everything I was going to.

    Let us know what you decide.

    $200 for a weeks training and they stay there? Sounds like a bargain to me, never seen such a thing that cheap compared to other training schools.

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    Oh dear oh dear a darling puppy
    Sent away to become a yuppy?
    No no, that's not the way to do it
    You need to be the one to follow through it

    Join a local obedience club
    Just make sure it aint run by thugs
    There's a good one near you Aggie thinks
    One that will teach you links

    Aunt Ag would get a link
    But her internet does stink
    Google is your friend I see
    And a happy camper you will be

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    agree with angela

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    Occy's going to tell me off for this one...

    I would never send my dog away to be trained, if I can't go too and be trained too. What is the point of your dog knowing all the right things if you don't know how to ask for them consistently?

    I think $200 for a week including training is a bit odd. Ie that's only a tiny bit more than standard boarding costs. And what are they going to do with the dog. You might go from having a slightly obnoxious puppy to one that is terrified and bites anyone and everyone out of fear.

    As AGB says, 8 months old for a GSD (or ACD) is around their most insecure time. Sending it to boarding school is not going to help anyone. Any problems you have with "heel" and "general skills" right now, relate directly to your skill as a dog trainer. So you need to learn what to do and how to do it.

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    Why would occy tell you off
    what is she, some kind of toff
    she agrees with aggies words
    her dogs do obed so they won't be turds

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    Agree with the others, no way would I send one of my dogs off to somewhere like that - just the price alone is enough to make me suss about it!

    Find yourself a good obedience club, where you can go for weekly lessons and you can practice at home each day - owning a puppy means YOU putting in the hard yards with regards to training, socialisation etc. The classes cost a few dollars each, and you'll probably find that YOU learn more than your pup will!

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    For you Aunt Aggie

    Something about not starting comments with "I would never" because it makes some people feel bad or attacked even.

    I have sneaking suspicion she wouldn't send dogs to boarding school without her either. She might find a nicer way to say it than I have.

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