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Thread: Recall Problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer112 View Post
    Thanks I think I might go with the 'cmon'
    And I'm also teaching her an emergency recall where I use a whistle
    The whistle works well as it is a sharp sound.

    But if you can, I would recommend a dog whistle oppose to the normal sports whistles.

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    I find that Mimi is instantly by my side when I say "c'mon, let's go!" as I walk off. I don't wait for her or use treats. I have done this since she was a puppy and she seems to understand. Similarly, she understands what the words "we're going home" mean. She runs straight to the car from wherever in the bushes or on the beach she may be. Good luck!

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    Each morning Pipi and I go outside to get the mail,

    if she is sitting on the couch I say "Come on Pip let's go get the mail" and she is straight out the door and heads straight over to the mail box. If she starts to wander, I say, c'mon Pipi it's cold! And she returns inside but this is only in Winter.

    If she wanders in general, I say "c'mon Pipi" and she comes.

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