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Thread: Miley's Training Progress

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    aww good girl Miley & well done to you too Pugga, sounds like your doing great work, keep up the good work

    It's amazing how food /treats work a great when training pooches...

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    Today went really well. We walked, and I randomly clicked and gave a treat..she kept her focus on me pretty much the entire walk.
    We came across 2 dogs. The first looked like some poodle mix..actually reminded me of an old English sheep dog. I clicked and treated, then I said sit and I clicked and treated.
    Then while she was sitting and looking at me I said stay Miley stay and she saw the dog as it passed and let out a little yelp but I quickly got her focus by saying her name again and she sat and I clicked and treated twice as the other dog passed and then she stayed focused on me the entire time.. no lunging, no barking.. just sitting and looking at me even though she knew the other dog was going past she then got so much praise I could have almost eaten her up with the patting and kissing and telling her how clever she is.. click treat another time and we started walking again.

    Then a big old lab came along and I told her to sit and stay and clicked and treated. She saw him out of the corner of her eye, but kept her focus on me as I was saying Miley stay.. wait stay...then I clicked and treated 3 times and ran out of treats
    Not a single yelp or lunge. She stayed focused on me and then once the dog was passed, I praised and said come and we walked home.

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    Seems like your hard work is paying off!

    Good work pugger keep it up!

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    You are doing clicker training with your dogs too aren't you Belle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by puggerup View Post
    You are doing clicker training with your dogs too aren't you Belle?
    Yeah I am currently doing it with Pipi. Never worked with Teddy nor Max.

    Pipi is/has been learning drop and the whole time I am teaching her it she watches the clicker.

    They are superb in my opinion.

    I will be trying to clicker train her when we are out walking, as I want her to sit at traffic lights instead of standing and jumping up on me.

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    Great stuff Belle I'll be looking out for your updates on Pipi's progress.

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