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Thread: Dog Walking Problem

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    Default dog pulling

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    I have one that does! She will pull if she is tied to anything, she's convinced she can find a rabbit around here somewhere.. no matter where she is... It's always there, just...out...of...reach
    In principle leaving a dog tied to a tree WILL stop it from pulling eventually.It can and will degenerates into a mode called "learned helplessness" where in the end the dog will have the mentality that it is resigned to the fact that it will never be able to move away from the tree.Almost a form of depression.We dont wont to go there at all.

    Leerburg mentions the changing of direction.Having a longer lead than usual let the dog go forward loosen the lead then immediately do a 180 degree turn and keep walking.Dont call its name just do it abruptly and with conviction.Its the same principle as giving it a good correction.

    Understanding the reason why a dog will obey a command and/or stop a behaviour is critical in being able to train a dog. The concept of the dogs mind basically goes something like this, if the dog receives a pleasant experience from a specific behaviour it is likely it will repeat the behaviour again. If a dog receives an unpleasant experience from a specific behaviour it is less likely he would repeat the behaviour. The dog is unable to rationalise to why something is pleasant or unpleasant he is only able to understand his experience of the specific behaviour

    To teach the dog to obey our commands we must build an association between the action and the command or signal. The dog does not understand why he performs an action after a command all he associates are the consequences of obeying or disobeying it through past experiences

    There are ONLY two reasons why a dog will not perform a command
    # It is unable to do so
    # It is unwilling to do so

    The above sums up why some dogs walk properly and others dont.In fact it sums up all dog training

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    @Hyacinth, that video was brilliant, definitely some really great tips in there. I had not though about dropping of treats.. maybe there is room for clicker training in my dogie arsenal after all

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