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    Ok so taraboombara asked if I could give them a bit of help with their dog Jade. I have written this up for them but thought is might be easier to read in a thread rather than being squished into a pm or email. I have already briefly instructed them on installing the release and this is the promised write up on recall.

    So here we go...

    Quote Originally Posted by taraboombara
    If you could help me with Jade that would be so great. She is 6month old flat coat retreiver, very stubbon

    She know's how to sit stay but chooses not to do it, and she know's how to come when she is called but again chooses to do it when she wants to. I'm just not sure how i can get her to to really listen to me.
    OK recall...

    Recall is the very first thing I teach all my dogs. To me, it is one of the single most improtant tools you can ever have. I am going to tell you one way of training both recall from sit/stay as well as recall on the move. You are going to need your dogs favourate food treat (broken into little pieces) and toy, short lead, and long lead.

    STEP 1

    LOCATION: Find a quiet, but familiar, location where there is as little other distraction as possible. Like your back yard with no one else around.

    WHAT YOU DO: Get Jade, on your short lead, to sit in front and facing you. Put the treat in front of her nose, but do not let her eat it. Take a few steps backward and ‘lure’ her to follow you encouraging her with and excited “come”. Once she follows you a few steps, stop, get her to sit in front of you again, and praise her. Give her a “free” and play. Repeat.

    Do this for a few minuets a day, every day. As time and her understanding increase you can run back further until you can pace about 10 metres.

    REMEMBER: It is important to make coming to you more fun than anything you may be calling her away from. And as with all commands only give them when your dog is paying attention to what you are saying and always make sure you can correct if they do not do it. Otherwise you are just teaching her that she can ignore you when she wants. Only move at Jades pace. If she can only do 5 repetitions per session then only do 4 or 5 and end on a good note!

    So once you are confident that she understands that when you step backward and call “Come” it means you want her to follow you and sit when you stop you can move onto the next step.

    Let me know if you encounter any problems, I would love to hear how she is progressing When you are ready to take the next step let me know and I will post it up here for you. Good luck!
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