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Thread: Can You Teach a Old Dog Tricks?

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    thanks Hyacinth for the advice, in regards to lexi responding to her name im not 100% sure, because well she does respond when i call her but is there a surefire way of knowing? thanks

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    Not sure about "surefire" ways.

    But if she responds when you say her name - ears prick and she looks at you, that's what we're looking for.

    And ultimately - with her head buried in some really really interesting scent, you say her name in a happy confident commanding way, and you should get the same response. Hence the treat method I described earlier.

    And then you can develop that in to "Lexi come here immediately" and Lexi will do that no matter what. Not whenever she's finished sniffing some other dog's bottom, or chasing the cat across the road.

    I'm nearly there with Frosty. She always checks when I call, and she will come immediately if I'm running the other way. However I failed when it came to the glad wrapped cheese sandwich. Mostly because I panicked and went towards her instead of away at speed. So she just ate it faster. And that ended up with a trip to the vet to get it back again.

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