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    My staffy desexed bitch will be 3 in July.We have had her since she was 5 weeks old and she is a member of the family.

    A bit of background she has always been locked outside during the day when we are at work and once we are home she has run of the house(inside and out).She sleeps inside and has been toilet trained since about 8 months,she will bark if she needs to go out through the night,

    About 2 months ago she tried jumping through a window when we weren't home(which is unusual itself) but the window was locked half closed and she got stuck.She ripped her belly up,lost 3 claws on her back foot from scratching at the house trying to get in/out,her back leg needed 3 stitches.She was in a fair bit of pain and unable to move very well.She begun peeing inside overnight she just stopped barking to go out,now though all healed she just won't stop peeing inside.

    I take her out before bed and I get up twice a night(I'm pregnant so bathroom trips are often) she goes out then as well but doesnt always pee.Today was the last straw she was outside for 5 hours and when I got home she ran straight to what I refer to now as her pee room and peed.

    I'm at my wits end on how to stop her,How do I retrain my now adult dog to go outside.

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    I think this is now a mental thing. I don't think its re-training as such, more re-inforcing it. I don't really have any ideas though, sorry.
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    Hi Staffy Mum,

    Sorry to hear of your dog's horrible accident.

    So when she is inside, I'm getting the impression she heads for one room to do her business in, yes? Where is that room? What are you cleaning her urine up with?

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    Back to basics, closing doors to rooms that are unused. Even bedroom doors etc. Reward and praise for toileting outside.

    And cleaning the soiled area inside the house the products that do not attract her back such as vinegar.

    Best of luck with it all she has obviously gone thru a lot of trauma. So now everyone needs to forget about what happened and start from scratch, remembering that she of course now has a bigger bladder etc than a puppy. Watch her when she first comes inside.

    Late last year I brought home a 15mth old Whippet, she obviously has spent a bit of time inside the house but not a lot. I had to retrain her not to sneak off to go to the toilet inside the house, she wouldn't do it in front of us, liked to go into the bathroom and use the bath mat. I think she may have gotten in trouble a bit for soiling in the house.

    I just had to ignore that, wash the bath mat, close the door and keep a close eye on her after meals, etc. I also find when I come home they have been sleeping and get up excited and rush in, so I would especially watch her then and go outside with her for a while.

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    Lavendar is supposed to be calming for dogs.

    And I think you can get doggy pheromone that is calming too.

    clean up with vinegar (not bleach), and everywhere including splash zones. And then maybe spray the area with diluted lavendar ie a couple of drops in a half litre sprayer (will need to check with Shannon Lush's website/books). And keep the doors shut.

    Stay outside until she pees outside and then heaps of praise.

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