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Thread: Me Training

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    You need to win the game - try throwing some food whilst you are playing tug - to get her to let go so that you win

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angela's Gone Batty View Post
    Is it like an excited puppy wiggle?
    mmmm....sort of. But I just wonder if there is some other message there.

    Quote Originally Posted by mouseandchicken View Post
    Nick, your dog likes the game, likes to win and you always feed her in the end. Yep, got you wrapped around her crafty paw.

    From what I can read of the situation it gets something out of every step of this game. It's a different game to the tug-of-war but still a game that it controls and enjoys the outcome of along the way.

    You could analysis it until the cows came home but will never really know until we can all talk dog.

    If you're not bothered by it then fine; me, it would annoy the crap out of and I'd walk away, no give up the bowl - no food - kitchen closed.
    I couldn't do that! This is such a small component of her behaviour that there is no need to be that tough. The "wrapping" is mutual It may just be a game but it such particular behaviour that I would like to know.

    The thing is it's not all the time....maybe 1 in 5 meals at most.

    Ah well....

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    That's why I said if it doesn't bother you fine. It would annoy the crap out of me because I have 5 other dogs wanting to be fed and I didn't have time for my dogs games with the food bowl.

    Do what Occy suggested, throw a pce of food for her to give up the bowl. Start doing retrieve, with the bowl, you could go in endless directions with this, but I think you're after an explanation and as I've said I think it's a game to her that she gets rewarded for at different levels along the way, one of which is her control of the game.

    So she does it for what she gets out of it. Attention, holding something in its mouth (just this is self satisfying to some dogs, it is to mine), a different type of tug game, a challenge, food at the end.

    Dogs do things for what they get out of it.

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    Perhaps get a second food dish, then you could just use the one she isn't holding onto

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