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Thread: Tricks You Can Train Your Dog To Do At Home

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    Thanks for this fantastic and informative thread Angela!

    I can't wait to get my notebook you are doing up for me!

    Since Miss Poppy is pretty good at "come", "sit" and "drop" I tried "roll" with her last night and it worked a treat. Still lots more practice to do on that one and revision on the others but its SOOOO great to have a step by step thread like this to refer to!

    Hopefully Poppy will follow in Batty's foot steps and be a well mannered, clever little thing!

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    I'm really loving the training thread, it's great.

    Please don't forget to teach your dog the release command. Nothing more spectacular than seeing a dog working and HOLDING it's latest command and not popping out of position until either given another command or released.

    It also stops that eg sit - dog up, sit - dog up, sit - dog up thing because the dog doesn't know how long it should hold that position. So it's guessing.

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