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Thread: ''Watch Me"

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    Quote Originally Posted by mydogau View Post
    LOOK! I use to say LOOK, to Tigga and his eyes went straight to the ground looking for his favourite toy - the red lazer dot. He went mad chasing that thing lol
    yep...they can actually go literally bonkers over it...because they can not smell it...feel it or sense it...only see it. Often they will still chase around and try to find the bloody thing after you might look funny, but it not something I would be practising to be honest

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    laser pointers are banned in south australia. I'm not sure if it's illegal to own one and can't be stuffed looking it up but they can no longer be sold over the counter to anyone especially teenage boys. There were a few who were dumb enough to point the things at police including helicopter pilots and officers driving cars.

    The things are dangerous to look at directly, cause the same kind of damage as looking at the sun does. It's ok to look at the spot but can you guarantee your dog won't look at the pointer?

    If Frosty's hose chasing is anything to go by - she looks at the whole deal and will go for either end. Ie where the water comes out or where it lands and anywhere between. There's no way I'd encourage her to chase a laser pointer. Ordinary spotlight flashlight - yes, but laser - nope.

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