I just had a really good session with Bella!! I have taught her to put her front paws on my thighs when im standing when I pat my thighs and say come here and I have just taught her to go to bed. I started by pointing at the bed, and dropping the treat, then clicking when she got it. after 3 trys, she went to bed and sat down. JACKPOT!! shes getting really good at her heels, and her begging. Im so proud of my little darling! I want to teach her to jump into my arms on command, I have seen it dne before with a little dog, believe it or not! it was a little bichon friese. I want to teach her to sit by my side, not in front of me automatically when I stop walking, when we are heeling. She has mastered the stand when we stop at DT, and she is the best in her class at sstaying. I can hold her lead so that its almost taut and stand as far away from her as i can without jerking on the lead and walk around in a circle, squat, jump up and down, spin around, yell, squeal, and she doesnt break!! Im really happy with how shes going.

Right now shes teaching our Kitten Scotty a lesson in playfighting- If you haven't got the skills, just sit on their face. So far shes winning!!