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Thread: Judging Breed by Temperament

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    The doctors/nurses told me nothing regarding post-op care except not to get it wet. It first operation I've ever had and didn't really know what to ask. But your idea of the web search is a great idea.

    .....don't ignore any unpleasant feeling that persists including numbness. If it goes numb you have 8 hours before you need amputation. Great.......
    didn't know that either. I went to dr today. He gave me oxynorm and voltaren so that should help things out.

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    Hope you are feeling better soon mydogau! Good picture too! for a speedy recovery!

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    Wow! Asher is looking great!

    Ooh, my first comment should have been "you poor thing" lol. If you're not sure, then either call your gp (if he has a good receptionist they can often give you advice over the phone) or just call up the hospital and ask. Hyacinth has given you some good advice, yes keep it dry, and the itching will drive you nuts!

    Asher will give you lots of cuddles to make you feel better!

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    Asher looks great!

    You have my sympathy Mydogau!! (im in a cast atm too) I hope you have a speedy recovery!

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    Gees, I think I am best off health or injury or pain wise than most of us at the moment. lol

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    Asher is magnificent! Where is the love emoticon when you need it? Absolutely stunning, and what a lovely soft shiny looking coat he has!

    I really hope your hand is feeling much better soon. I don't really have much to offer by way of advice, the only time I have ever needed an op it was on my knee after a severe horse riding accident and I was in a coma for the entirety of the healing process. I highly recommend doing it this way for anyone planning on breaking 16 bones at once... No pain, no discomfort and wake up feeling a bit groggy for a while and with a bad sore throat, but no breaks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devil's Advocate View Post
    Jeez, I agree with grey's. This woman is a dork, moron, idiot!

    TBH with you MyDog, if she had done that to any my GSD's, I believe they would have taken her. I would NOT expect my dog to back down EVER if someone did that to them. I find her behaviour utterly disgusting.

    What worries me is that this idiot is in control of teaching dogs and ppl. I then go on to think of all the damage that could be caused in society from ppl who have gone throug hher training regime.

    Wow, that's scary.

    I'm so sorry bout your finger. What a crappy mess this has been for you. Find another trainer, or another place to take Asher. be honest upfront, and explain what has happened, how you have felt. Hopefully you'll find a training establishment that actually cares about you and Asher. Good luck. Hugs to you.
    Absolutely agree with DA.

    Not only is this woman a complete and utter halfwit , she is also a dangerous little piece of work. So many variables , so many many dogs and owners and general public at risk from this fools idea of 'training'.
    Who does she train under ? As in what group/club? Does she have any qualifications and if so with who? She needs reporting before someone gets seriously hurt or someones dog is PTS for reacting quite appropriately towards her foolish training.

    I wouldn't be taking Asher back anywhere near this woman.Its not worth the risk and is doing more harm then good by any means.

    *shakes head*
    bluddy pit I've heard it all I think.

    And awful sorry about your finger , hope you're feeling better soon
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    Hi mydogau

    Looks like you're doing the right things now.

    Oxynorm - oxycodone - similar to endones - ie opium derivative painkiller thing. Should be good. Although I do have some rellies who are unaffected by morphine based painkillers. My dad described one of them after twisting his ankle in a rabbit hole - getting enough morphine to kill a granny and he was still in pain. So if that happens - need to try a different type.

    I'm not affected by volatrin (the externally applied cream), it's nice and cooling - the same as you swab an arm with meths but has no pain killing or anti inflamatory effect on me.

    And some of the other drugs like codine - make me up chuck so they're a bit useless too.

    Having a shower is fun. I put garbage bag on my leg and taped around the thigh to try to keep the water off and then used one of those shower heads on a hose to further try to keep the water off. Not easy. Did keep the wound dry though.

    It's funny we don't talk about these things until it happens to us or with a friend it happens to. It's fine if it happens to someone we don't know. Then we don't have to face up to the mess most of our public and some private hospital systems are in.

    Asher is looking shiny fantastic. As best I can tell - about right in the weight department now. I think he'd love stuff like agility, he's got quite an athletic shape like a kelpie or a boxer at the back.

    PS oxynorm link

    It does read a little scary but when it comes to ripped up hands, it's the right thing to have - for a week or so.
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    oh my goodness, Im sorry to hear about your hand again...Im glad surgery went well and wishing you a speedy recovery.

    wow Asher is a good looking boy

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