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Thread: Puppy Chasing the Kitten

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    when we got paris(our adult) she was/is pretty hostile. now she hisses and yowls, but doesnt swipe unless bella gets too close. shes started to go up to bella and swipe, so now she gets a tap on the butt whenever she touches bella. with our kitten, we put him in a cage with a towel over the back (so he felt secure) and let the animals introduce themselves. then after they had lost interest, I let him out, and he yowled and hissed and carried on. they didnt pay attention to him, but now Bella plays with him and sleeps next to him all the time. If Bella gets too rough he jumps up somewhere high.

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    I have always had a mixed dog/cat household. Of course you have safe zones, of course you introduce them slowly, of course if they run they are chased.

    With all my dogs they seem to settle when they realise the cat belongs. Pretty still bars the bedroom door so my cat can't get in at night, when I carry the cat in I just get a look of disgust and Pretty goes to her bed. Sometimes I carry the cat in, she walks around, watches the dog then runs up the hall way only to sit half way so she can try and sneak by. I hear a thump in the night which is the dog doing a lunge from her lying position, not bothering to get up then the cat snuggling up to me saying nar nar ne nar nar.

    The other desexed male cat does not run, the dogs adore him. If he does run then he is fair game to chase, he just lies down in their path when he has had enough and the dogs stop dead in their tracks. Takes some time, takes some settling. They are both very young and feeling their way.

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