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    I have an American Staffy that is a very well behaved bitch, she is nearly 2. She is very obient and is extremely eager to please, which has made all her training extremely easy and quick. I spend a lot of time with her and she is exercised and looked after well, and has a lot of social time with other dogs. I am having some trouble with one aspect which I am looking for some help on. She is a fairly vocal dog in such she will "talk" back to you when excited and will bark when playing etc, which is not a problem. The problem is when I take her to the beach or mainly the river (I water ski often with friends and they all have dogs) she will whine constantly but for no apparent reason. It's as if the second she is not doing something or has to sit still or be quiet the whine will start, even when laying down to chew on a stick etc. When swimming, playing with other dogs, fetching a stick etc she doesnt do it, nor does she do it at home. I have tried various forms of discipline and ignoring it but it doesnt seem to work, it is now getting to the point in which I am thinking about leaving her at home as it bothers other people as she will do it ALL day. I have no idea why she does it and wont stop, as she has a great time whilst up there.
    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm just taking a shot in the dark here, Mr Molly, so correct me if i'm way off base.

    You say you spend a lot of time with her. Does she get to sepnd an amount of time alone at home. Maybe outside, away from you while you are at home inside the house?
    reason I ask is that it seems like separation anxiety, possibly. Are you with her when she whimpers/whines, or are you out on the water, AWAY from her?

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    I find that a lot of dogs, no matter how happy, do this when their person is in the water. My dogs did it when I first took them swimming. Hell my poodle got so worried she almost drowned trying to save me... there was nothing wrong with me!
    It could also just be that she want to join in on the action. Short of desencitsing her to the fact that you can have fun without her Im not sure what you can do.
    Let me think on some ways to help you and I will get back to you.

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    Hi MrMolly

    In the 2 years you have had often has she been left on her own? And for longer than 10 min?

    To sounds like separation anxiety...when she can not be with you.

    Would it be fair to say...she has spent almost all her time in your company?

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    Thanks for the comments so far.
    I suppose it could be separation anxiety but she will actually whinge while still on the lead sitting right next to me, or laying at my feet etc. Usually its as i'm sitting down talking and having a beer she will be around just whinging, for what ever reason it has me stumped. This is the only thing she has ever continued to do after being told off, the fact that I can tell her off all day and she still doesnt stop maybe saying something? I would have thought if it is separation anxiety she would be stuck to my side but she goes off on her own/or with other dogs where im out of site etc
    She does howl a bit when I go out on the boat but she is whinging before i've even been out. She is fine at home on her own and happily stays outside for long periods without wanting to come in, i often will be out on weekends and during the weeknights where she will be alone for extended periods.
    I don't think it has anything to do with me being in the water as she usually will be out swimming at the same time.
    Any other thoughts would be great.
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    Sounds like she anxious?? and the fact that it always gets attention, either good or bad, and for so long, means that it will probably take a very long time of ignoring the behaviour for it to subside.

    I have a dog that will grunt and head-but people in the groin because it never fails to get attention. She doesn't do it to us but will to visitors because it never fails to gain attention.

    Would building a den be of any help?? Maybe crate and cover with blanket or tarp with no visual stimulation (weather permitting of course as you don't want the dog to overheat).

    Then perhaps when you're out of the water the dog can come out of the crate and run around.

    If you're water skiing I imagine you're with a large group? I bet people are reassuring the dog that it's ok etc and thus enforcing the behaviour. You would need to get everyone on side to help out and no matter how pitiful the dog sounds to ignore it.
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