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    Quote Originally Posted by laura77 View Post
    i will try the "walking with a purpose" method tonight on our walk cheers GSD
    Perhaps give this a go tonight & get back to us. I know with Tara, this gets her heeling in a better postion. Tara has shocking focus. We call her "Lillian Frank" because she'd rather socialise than concentrate on any work. If I just can't get her to start working with me properly, I'll be working her in almost a fast pace when everyone else is going at "normal" pace. She's also a shocking lunger & puller, so I have 2 leads connected together & flop it over her chest mid heeling pattern to guide her back to the proper heel position if I need to. She's very strong & so nothing like a halti or anything is going to work on that girl of mine. A trainer who's 6'4" & has been around Sheps for over 50 years, got pulled over & dragged along a good 10 metres by Tara when he was trying to show me something & Tara decided she was going to go & have a look at something that was more interesting than the human on the end of her lead. A Great Dane owner showed me this "2 lead, over the chest" method. It's the best thing I've ever tried that's worked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laura77 View Post
    GSD: no ive done the training with her my self. this heeling business is the only thing she cant seem to grasp. im worried about taking her to obedience classes because she's not good with other dogs. she is super protective of me around other dogs and becomes aggressive. its a hard problem to fix as i dont know what she went through before we had her. and when we got her they said she was fine with other dogs (but this is because she hadnt made a bond with anyone there) she is fine with other dogs if she is with my OH

    DA. no ive never heard of the material chain link collars il have to google them
    Laura, I have a feeling that this dog aggression NOW has very little to do with her previous existence before you bought her. I'm sure the answer is poking you in the face now. ??? She is overly-protective of you, to a degree IMO that isn't healthy or the best thing for her in the long run.

    Laura, I wouldn't ever recommend a check-chain to be used by anyone who doesn't have experience with them, or at least be with a trainer who can instruct the person how to use them properly, I'm sorry. So perhaps just scrap that suggestion.

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