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    Default Mental Stimulation

    I'd like to get some suggestions / instructions on some games / training exercises I can do with the dogs. Games that really get them thinking and challenge them mentally.

    Our instructer pulled us aside after obedience class on the weekend and told us she is highly impressed with Charlie and from next week will be giving him separate, more advanced exercises to the rest of the class as she feels the basic stuff is just not a challenge for him and "the sky's the limit" for him. He picks stuff up really, really quickly, so I'd like to give him some more challenging games to play at home rather than "fetch" all the time....

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    hide the kong / treat - under something like a towel or rug (something ok to be slightly chewed)

    tricks of any sort - bow, shake hands, bark on command, yell on command, talk on command, sing on command, wag tail, roll all the way over, roll on back with paws in the air (bang), spin (athough not so good with an obsessive dog), double tug, targeting (touch the stick, find the keys, run out, left, right, come back), remote sit, remote drop (are handy if your dog is about to be run over by a bicycle and coming back to you won't help), stay, stay when they can't see you, leave it (leave the pie on the plate on the ground alone), pick up and put away toys (if only one could teach children that), shut the door, out (leave the room), poo stink (leave the room if you farted, then before you fart), tilt head, shake head, commando crawl.


    I think there is a book 101 tricks to teach a dog.
    For competition obedience - I think the requirements are on the Australian Kennel club website and include fetch a dumbell and find and retrieve stuff, as well as the ability to stay when they can't see you for a number of minutes.

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    C&B, search and retrieve is a great game for mental stimulation. I do it every day when my kids have lost stuff.

    Also another game, several objects. You have one object in your hand the same as one of the objects on the ground. The dog has to pick the object that matches the one in your hand. Great fun!!!

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    Like the others said... Does your dog like scenting? It is a great way to keep his mind active.

    If you really want a challange try teaching him a complex skill like pushing one of theose small kids trollies, or opening a box to find that ever is inside and brining it to you.
    Fly Ball is a great exercise for dogs that love to play with balls.
    Agility is also a great stimulis for mental and physical development.
    In these things you do not have to be compeditive just have a good time

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