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Thread: How Do I Train My Pug?

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    Default How Do I Train My Pug?

    I know this sounds like a dumb question but I have never owned a dog before now. I have a 6 month old pug who poos everywhere and I can't handle it. I'm not a huge dog person but my children and partner however I'm left with the dog all day. She's also started digging and barking heaps. Is it too late to try and at least train her to poo in one spot? I have another friend with a pug who mentioned crating but I don't really know what that involves.

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    She should be in obedience classes. They will teach you everything.

    Crate training is just putting her in a crate at night to sleep. They don't often poo in their beds so it will save you having to clean up a mess in the morning. You have to let her outside as soon as you hear her bark in the morning.
    Also invest in a doggy door and when she goes outside praise the crap out of her.

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    Oh and welcome to the forums we aren't as nasty as some bubhub members make out. It would be handy to be directed to the thread there that's bringing us all of this attention though

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    I let her outside and I leave the garage open and she just comes back in to poo in the garage I heard they don't poo near their beds. I've been asking my partenr to take her to obediance school is it too late? I just find it so hard to keep up with her as I have a baby and a special needs child to handle as well.

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    I just saw a link to this forum on fb that's all.

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    Oh and I haven't heard any of the bh members talking about anyone here negative just pyper... Really she is the one that keeps them talking and drawing more attention here.

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    6 months isn't too late

    Sounds like you really aren't that keen on having her. If your partner isn't going to clean up her mess and train her then perhaps it would be better to re-home her?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pug_life View Post
    I just saw a link to this forum on fb that's all.
    was that link in a group or someones wall?

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    I ask that and he refuses to rehome her especially because our special needs child loves her so much. He does clean up her mess but the house still stinks and all. I guess I am the only person not keen on her but everyone else loves her. Really I'm not a mean dog hater I just am not used to having a dog.

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    Ahh so you are out voted so to speak. Well, puppies do grow up just like babies she will get better with the training as long as your OH puts in the time and effort.

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