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Thread: How Do I Train My Pug?

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    To toilet train her, take her out regularly for a wee and poo on the grass and when she does something praise her straight away. If she looks like she is about to pee inside, say no and take her outside.

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    Sh!t Anne I am starting to sound like you

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    Quote Originally Posted by pug_life View Post
    So she I move her inside to toilet train her? I wouldn't mind her inside but she goes insane just as soon as you sit down she is jumping all over you. I try to pat her but she won't stay still and tries to nip my hand.
    This is a training issue.

    I'm guessing when she first came home and was tiny, when you sat down she was encouraged to jump all over you giving those little puppy kisses? The only way to stop it is to be taught how to teach her to be calm around you.

    I would suggest making the time to get to one of the pug meetings as they will give you invaluable advice and be able to help you on a breed specific level (something I can't do as I have very minimal exposure to pugs, I just know that they are incredibly special.).

    If you can't get along to those meetings then I am happy to meet you at some point in a public place (I wouldn't feel comfortable with a complete stranger coming to my house so I'm sure you wouldn't either) and I can give you general advice on stopping the jumping, nipping and on calming her down. I have only had two fosters come through here who didn't jump and nip and go nutso when they first arrived. None of them continued the behaviour though.

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    Ok I just went to play with her and she is pretty good with me I think she thikns I am the pack leader lol. However whenever any strangers come especially children she is much worse with them. I have no idea how to teach my childrne not to encourage the behaviour.

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    I had a client that was getting a pup so she sat them down and told them they could have a half hour play every afternoon after school. That way the dog got to have "free" time with the kids and it was not nearly so crazy whe they came back inside. The pup learnt very quickly that while they were out playing the silly behaviour was ok but when they were done she had to calm down.
    Given your situation this may not work for you, so you might want to try the "leave it" command with your pup. I personally like it when my dogs know that they can mouth without the need to bite, but you might be different.
    For "leave it" get a treat in your hand and present it to your dog. DO NOT give it to her. just watch her closly and as soon as she takes her attention off the treat, even for just a split second, praise her and give her a treat from the other hand. Continue with this long enough and she will get that you do not want her to go for the treat, and that backing off is the quickest way to get what she wants. Once she gets the idea you can introduce the "leave it" command. Present the food say "leave it" and when she looks away or backs off treat her. Follow on with this until you can safely put food on the ground and say "leave it" and have her follow your command. You can then transfer that to you children. Do this training a little each day and do not try to train her beyond the point where she is focused on the task, set her up for sucess. I do not know about training pugs as a breed but this should all take you maybe two weeks to get to the point where she knows that no matter what she goes up to, if you say leave it she should back away.
    If you need me to clarify anything just ask
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