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Thread: How Do I Train My Pug?

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    I saw someone who i don't know post on someone elses wall that's it I don't really want to talk about it anymore I just want to talk about my dog. I wouldn't have even brought it up had someone not singled me out but anyway.

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    Yes I'm out numbered lol. I try to sort of talk to her and teach her but she is sooo crazy. I'm realy funy about smell and pet hair and so as you can imagine just ebing near her makes me feel uncomfortable. I feel a bit like a jerk saying this but I just am not into dogs lol.

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    No worries.

    Well stick around. Tomorrow there will be lots of members that will be able to give you some tips.
    Anne was in pug rescue so she should be able to give you some great advice

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    Thanks and yeah even though I'm not a dog person deep down I do still like her lol.

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    Pugs have a knack of worming their way into our hearts. Give her and yourself time to bond. You are a busy woman and I think you are overwhelmed right now. The last thing you'd want to worry about with a newborn is a new puppy. Your OH was pretty unreasonable putting that on you.

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    It was funny well not really funny but when we got her 6 months ago my son was only 6 months old and really sick and my daughter had just been diagnosed as autistic. I was like what the hell have I done not only do I have a sick baby and a special needs toddler now I got to mop up pee and poo all day lol. It has gotten better now so hopefully you are right and things are going to be better when she gets older. I don't think nearly as much as I did a few months back that I really want to give her away lol. I did stick it out mainly because I hear dogs are ood for autistic children and they really do love eachother it would be sad to break them up.

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    Yep your daughter is one lucky kid to have you.

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    Thanks I'm lucky to have her she is a funny cute amazing kid
    Some one was also telling me about amonia pads can they help at this age?

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    I've never used them, but there may be someone else here tomorrow who has.
    How old is your little girl?

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    She is 3 and a half my son is just about to turn 1 and he loves her too but I only let him see her behind glass lol. She just gets way to excited and bowls kids over and he is too little for her.

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