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Thread: Are You the Pack Leader?

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    This topic already exists under a different name, but it was discussed and explained thoroughly. I also agree it's nonsence and BS.

    Maybe moderators can join these two topics so it's not confusing?

    Here's the link:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Di_dee1 View Post
    I am the pack leader because I say so. I also choose what behaviours are acceptable and what are not. I believe in give and take to find the balance that is right for the people, the dog and their personal environment/situation.
    Thanks Di, I think you are spot on with this feedback. Thanks

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    I'm definitely the pack leader. My mom, on the other hand, shovels treats down Keeda's throat and lets her get away with anything and everything. Keeda barely sits on command for my mom. I find it amazing to see her be a near-perfectly behaved dog with me and not pay attention to a single command that's being given by my mom.

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    I love this, your mum does all the 'nice' stuff with Keeda, and in return, get blind disobedience. See, there is a god, and she wants me to be leader of Bernie! lol

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    No I'm not, I believe that notion went out with the alpha roll.
    besides 1 or 2 dogs are not a pack.
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    Just wanted to thank everyone for their comments. We are in the process of establishing some free training tips for our clients. Receiving an article from a trainer is great, but in a forum setting, the feedback offers a more balanced viewpoint. Appreciate your input and look forward to reading more threads and responses.

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