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Thread: Dog Training Issues - Pls Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mishka View Post
    I came to this site looking for helpful suggestions. I admit to this being my fault but i will not be made to feel like i am some kind of derelict owner.
    I never said you were Mishka!!!

    The thing is...dogs need certain things to be happy and balanced. The walk is VERY important. I understand things happen...circumstances change and with those changes...we have to make decisions. Can we give the dogs what they need? Are we capable of providing them with what they need and deserve? Do we have enough time to have them? These are all questions you need to ask yourself in the interest of your dogs really.

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    Thank you dogmad for the suggestions. Clea might be thinking of the dogs but to me that response was just uncalled for.

    I am asking for help which to me means that i am trying to make things better for them.

    If i realised the issues and did nothing about it wouldn't that then make me a really bad owner?

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    Go thru all the posts in this thread and you will find some good info.

    Hyacinth has posted some links to clicker training.

    Try some focus work - show dog a small treat, put treat to your forehead and say look. The second the dog looks at your face give them the treat.

    Get visitors to ring ahead and put the dogs in another room and then let them out once the visitors are settled in the house, this may reduce some of the excitement.

    Look to be honest, I would love to help, but to me training a dog that doesn't get out is like trying to make a child focus on their school work when they've drunk a bottle of red cordial. Can you spare an hour one day of the week so that you can join your local obedience club they do not cost much to join.

    What I'd need to type out is several hours worth since you're a novice dog owner.

    I hope someone else can help.

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    Have you got some teenagers who live nearby who you can pay $10 - 15 to walk the dogs for you a couple of times a week?

    I realise that Clea has hit a nerve with her comment, but to be honest, I thought the same thing when I was reading through your posts. Roughly where are you located?

    Is it possible for your husband to give you a rest for an hour or so in the evenings for you to take some time out for yourself and go for a nice walk with the pooches? That way you get a break and some alone time to chill and the pooches get a nice walk which will settle them down so much.

    I run a business from home Pet Sitting and Dog Walking plus a whole host of other pet/animal/livestock services. I can say from experience that even just half an hour once a day (every day) WILL make a HUGE difference in their behaviour.

    One of my clients has a show line Belgian Malinois and a small crossbreed fluffy. I walk both dogs for her one at a time as the Malinois needs a good hour to an hour and a half and the swf (small white fluffy) needs only a half an hour. When I started walking them they were barking ALL day, jumping at people, digging, chewing and generally being as destructive as they could. Now they are a lot calmer than they were before. They still have some issues, they still bark occasionally and they still jump up when they meet new people. The digging, chewing and other destructive behaviours have stopped though.

    So is there any way that you can find yourself 30-60 mins a day for the sake of yourself, your neighbours and most importantly your pooches' sanity?

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    Mishka, I completely understand your situation as I went through the same thing, caring for my mum full-time with only 4-5 hours respite a week. The only difference is that I had no other support, no hubby or family to help me. I had one dog at the time, she was 9 years old and I have to say she was never a problem but I was aware that she too had needs that had to be met.

    If mum fell asleep, I'd grab the lead and do a quick 5 minute walk up and down the street, usually I managed do this 2-3 times a day. I'd take 5 minutes at other times to play with her in the backyard, or 5 minutes to just have a really good cuddle! Not only will your dogs benefit but so will YOU from having that tiny break.

    Speak to the respite people and see if you can organise a few more periods of respite a week, even an hour a couple of times a week so that you can dedicate this to the dogs. They may even know of local volunteers that might come help you walk the dogs.

    I know hubby works long hours, but maybe you could get up a bit earlier, say half an hour so that you could take the dogs on a walk before he leaves the house.

    You've been given good suggestions as to things to keep them occupied eg kongs.

    I would try to talk to the neighbour, explain the situation, find out WHEN they are barking, if it's only when you go out then leave the dogs inside. You will find that people tend to be a lot more forgiving if you tell them you are aware there is a problem and what you are trying to do to fix it.

    Think outside the square, think in terms of 5 minute periods, it will make a difference.

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    i'm really sorry to hear of your situation. And i'm sorry to hear your Mum is so sick. It must be so hard for you! Well as it is obvious that the dogs need walking but can i tell you that i also have 2 cavalier king charles spaniels and they get walked everyday for an hour through the dog park (2km walk) and are also worked on the treadmill every morning (pick up off ebay for $35) and they still bark at everything! It hasnt made one bit of difference, they do sleep a little bit more but still bark at every noise and go mad at the neighbors and when someone comes over. As to much of some peoples annoyance (which i dont paticually care!) i watched the Caeser Milan series on DVD and that has helped with the stopping of them barking when people arriving. So i can suggest that. As for barking at every noise, neighbors etc i have tried the spray bottle with a little vicks mixed in it (they hate vicks) you could try vinegar as well and spray it at them everytime they bark but thats very hard when there barking outside. I have heard that you shouldnt use their name when disaplining them.
    Have you considered a barking collar? You can pick them up off ebay for good prices (but dont get tlhe ultrasonic one from Hong Kong tried and usless!) The citrenella ones are prob the best. Maybe that would help. As they aren't barking at night you would only need to put them on at times through the day. And as others have suggested, perhaps you could contat some charities, respite care orgs about getting some walking done or put up a notice somewhere explaining your situation and hopefully someone will donate their time to wallking your dogs if thats what u want. I'm sure there will be people wanting the company on their walks, you could also advertise on which is free.
    Your not located on the Northern Beaches by any chance are you? I could help you out if you are!
    I hope this has helped. Cheers.
    "No matter how little money and how few possesions you own, having a dog makes you rich." - Louis Sabin

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    Ok so they are 4 and 5 and have never had any form of training?

    If you are too busy through out the days and nights why did you decide to have a couple of dogs anyway? Or was it different 5 years ago?

    First of all, they need their daily walks. And in the afternoons when you are out playing with them, why not divide the play time in two to combine it with training? You could start off training them and then reward them with play time.

    In my opinion, if you don't have the sort of time your dogs require, why get a dog? They need love and attention along with their exercise.

    I agree with the previous comments of fellow forum members.

    The spray bottle is a good idea regarding the barking. Worked for Teddy.

    I apologise if our comments seem rough or "uncalled" for but it's the truth. We all feel strongly about dogs and hate hearing about things such as this.

    I just checked the dates, and this thread is 2 months old??

    Perhaps an update would be good.

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