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    Hi All!

    Im new to the forum and was wondering if anyone had any advice for us...

    Our 3 year old Cocker spaniel gets REALLY excited whenever she is taken for a walk. She whimpers and carries on the entire time and doesnt calm down no matter how far we walk or how often we take her.

    It frustrates us so much! No matter what we do she continues to carry on and she knows she is being naughty as she will do it then look up guiltily to see how much trouble she is in!

    Any advice?

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    How is she walking on the leash? Does she heal correctly? Was she taught how to heel calmly and correctly at any stage?

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    Yes she is usually good on the lead and heals correctly... she occasionally has the habit of walking in front of us when we are both there but thats all

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    Well firstly dogs don't suffer from guilt, she's reading your body language and knows thru habit what your reaction is going to be.

    Does she love food over walks, perhaps try putting food right on her nose to give her something else to focus on.

    Or there is the stand completely still until she stops reacting and only move forward when she is calm. This will take some time, it's not quick fix and it has to happen every time you walk from the minute you step out the door/gate.

    Breaking or changing the pattern; put collar and lead on but don't leave the house until she calms down (watch to make sure she doesn't get caught on anything) or driving to a different location to start the walk

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    Bernie carries on and on during a walk. He gets real excited, whines and whimpers about everything. He's very vocal. Doesnt bark, but makes stupid dog noises that sound like he's distressed, but isnt. He's seriously having a great time romping at sun up with me each morning. But talks non stop.

    Or snuggled on a rug with my daughter, will talk to her.
    Or greeting others, more sound.

    Perhaps you have a chatter box too?

    If you want to stop it, (and i dont in my dog, nor does my daughter, who has him saying 'hello' now). Make him train you. Not the other way around. If the dog is quiet, he can make you 'walk forward'. If he whimpers, he makes you 'stand'. Takes a couple of really dull, boring walks to achieve. I used this method for pulling. Works a treat. He pulls, i stop, he has loose leash, i move forward.

    I like talking dogs

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    A friend who walks at our local (morning) oval, has two black cocker spaniels that can get very excited. If they bark when he's driving into the car park (about 200m drive) he stops the car until they stop, and if they start up again he stops again. They soon figure that the barking just delays the arrival and shut up.

    Frosty gets very wiggly and talks a bit when we get there, but she doesn't bark. I learned the hard way with another dog, not to encourage any barking at anything when the dog is in the car. It was fun the first time but not every time.

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