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Thread: Training Issue

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    hi thanks so much thats about only 30 minutes away from me they do agilty to would be a good start as i would like to go higher up into agilty trail with her but she has a long way to go until she gets that far

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    Well you obviously know what the problem is OP. And that is lack of CORRECT training. Whatever she has learnt, she hasn't learnt well, which is possibly worse than not learning in the first place.

    Go back to basics - literally, and start again.

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    I've got a few links that might help

    Gary Wilkes - intro to clicker training

    Leslie Nelson's really reliable recall
    Welcome to

    If what you did to us just then as far as being clear as mud is what you do with the dog, then I'm not surprised.

    Leslie says about recall, to make it work
    * you only say the command ONCE
    * when you're training / doing practice, you only use the word when the dog is already coming to you
    * you have really great treats and you make the reward/praise last 30 seconds.

    I'd add a few more things.

    You never call the dog when you want to put her on the lead - go to the dog instead. You never scold the dog when it doesn't come. Both these things teach your dog to avoid you when you call.
    If your dog doesn't come when you call - hide. Play hide and seek with the dog for practice. Change direction a lot when she's off lead so she must watch you. At least that works for people dogs like Frosty but it doesn't work for Beagles.

    You need to be really clear with the dog what your command is, and when they get it right. So I think clicker training might help here - even if you only use a verbal command - the discipline is what you need. Having kids in your lap helping is probably not helping train your dog. And just because you finished one round of classes - doesn't mean you stop practicing.

    And even within a breed - every dog is a little bit different. Clearly your female is a bit more of an independant thinker so you will need to work a bit harder to keep her attention and be the fun place to be.

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    Another thing to consider is that she is 15 months old, so full on in her "teenage phase". Our girl had phases in which she really pushed us and tested the boundaries and ignored pretty much every thing we asked her to do. Then she was an angel again and suddenly remembered all the commands. It can be very frustrating (I know) but you need to be consistent and show her what you want and reward only the right behaviour.

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    hi guys thanks so much that has helped heaps she comes to me when we walk as she see the lead so i guess thats a good thing zoey i have to admit i became a bit lazy with her as i got ill as with my 3 year old i use to walk over to the paddack and while the horses where eating i would train in the paddack and play games so as some one one here has suggested going back to basics with her is a good idea and im also thinking of taking her away from the other dogs get her full attetion and thoes links where great i did do clicker traning with my 3 year old when he was a pup right though til he was 2 years old i still have it why i havent used it silly me thanks again they were all great posts
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