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Thread: Crate Training Ollie...what Would You Suggest Next?

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    Default Crate Training Ollie...what Would You Suggest Next?

    Okay so i have a crate set up for Ollie....its so cool! It has his lovely snoozer and his blanket plus a t-shirt of mine, a little bowl of water and a lovely throw over the top....even I am envious!

    He will go into the crate to get a favourite toy or to eat when I put out his food. So he is not frightened of it and all this after only two days...I am impressed, afterall he is 3 years old!

    So how do I entice him to sit and stay a while...what should my next training step be?

    Thanks Guys, very much appreciate your guidance

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    maybe it is time to close the door and leave him there for 15 min...then 20 min....then 30 and so on

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