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Thread: Can You Help Me Chose a Crate?

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    Default Can You Help Me Chose a Crate?

    Poor little Ollie is still having a bit of anxiety trouble. Our Trainer has suggested we set up a crate for him, even tho he is nearly 3 years old!!! This makes sense too because he does love to tuck himself away into little places like behind bushes, under chairs etc.

    From my research the standard crate seems to be made of wire, bit like a cage. Well I can tell you that aint gonna work. Ollie hates cages and that in itself is an axiety trigger particularly at places like the groomers. My question is what are the other options?

    Given he is a JRT X of approx 4 kilo's would one of those plastic travel type crates work? He does like his little kennel outside but of course that doesnt have a door and its not coming into the house. This seems to be the closet thing or perhaps a collapsable canvas thing?

    All opinions welcomed.

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    The best ones I think are the black, powder-coated collapsible ones you can get at petStock or PetBarn

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    There are all sorts of crates out there. Personally I like the wire cage looking ones because you can adjust airflow, by this I mean you can cover it in rugs to keep in warmth, you can just put a folded blanket on top etc etc. And I can fold them and put them away.

    There are also the plastic with holes type more like the carrier ones. They come in all sizes.

    There are even canvas ones with fly screen windows. nice and light to carry around provided you don't have a chewer who may take a fancy to decorating the corners or such.

    My dogs love their crates. I have a pen for the dog shows, no floor but does have a roof. And the ones with the slide out floors for in the house when someone is in season etc.

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    I use the collapsible ones in the house, easy to set one up when I need it, and easy to store away. I bought some polar fleece and made fitted covers for them (so they all matched lol), so they are warm in winter, in summer I might throw something like a light sheet over part of it, or just put something on the top so they feel like they have a "roof".

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    and dont forget that you can make them nice and comfy, nothing at all like the cages at the vets!

    Here is my set up
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    Thank you everyone for the great information. A friend has a little crate that I am going to try before buying one.

    Another question tho' - Last night I woke to hear Ollie pacing around the house so I got up and took him straight outside and yeah....he did a poo , so we all went back to bed. I was so happy! Prior to going to bed he was quite aggitated with the possums outside - when this happens I just go out and bring him in, usually pick him up and don't say anything much...just calmly tell him he is a silly old know the kind of thing....

    Now what I think might be happening is that when he gets stressed or agitated, he doesnt do a poo...bit like humans really (TMI...sorry) anyway I think after he has had a bit of a sleep and calmed down he obviously needs to I am thinking in combination with the crate, if I could get him to tell me at night he needs to go, this would save a lot of grief for everyone (particularly me!) Problem is I don't always hear him wandering around....I like the idea of the bell or even a little do I teach him this? I read some there is a thread explaining how, can some one send me the link.

    Thank you....

    PS - thanks everyone for your help....I dont know what I would do without this site!

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    Here is the thread that has the info about teaching a pup to ring bells to go outside:

    Post number 18

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