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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    Where did you get him from - you need to talk to the breeder and find out what options they have. Also if there is a malamute club - you could ask them for help.

    I bet you wouldn't try to rehome any of your children if they were naughty from lack of attention. A dog is supposed to be for life. Just like your children.

    Otherwise if you hand it off to a shelter, unless it has a "no kill" policy, chances are your dog's future is a needle.
    Most no-kill shelters are turning people away at the moment because they don't have the space for any more animals as well.

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    If your dog was purchased from a reputable breeder, like Hy said, try giving them a call. They may be able to help you further with him, or they may be able to help by assisting you in finding a suitable home for him.
    If he wasn't purchased from a registered and reputable breeder, then forget about that. Lol.

    1) You could get in contact with some rescue organisations in your area/state. They may be able to list him whilst he is still in your care.
    2) A rescue organisation (particularly for Malamutes) may be able to take him and set about re-homing him.
    3) Another alternative is to try and re-home him yourself. Put in a call to your local vets in the area. They may be willing to put an ad in their window etc. Or you could place an ad in your local paper or trading post, and screen any applicants. As you know your dog, you would be able to ascertain which applicants may suit him, and which wouldn't.

    I wish you all the best no matter which way you go. It is never an easy decision, but I do note that it appears to me you are trying to do what is right for the dog - in the end.

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    With another child on the way I can not imagine the kind of pressure you are under, and I understand if you will have difficulty handling such a demanding breed of dog on top of it all. Given how much you and your family seem to love this dog I feel safe assuming you have and will put a lot of thought into this discussion before going ahead with it, so I do not see the point in telling you again.
    If you do decide to re-home him and you can not get assistance from the breeder, club, etc. as everyone else has suggested I am happy to offer you some assistance in finding the right family for you dog. I have found many suitable homes and am in no way squeamish about telling you when a person does not suit.
    If you wish to keep him on I am happy to call and talk to you about your training options. I am only in Orange and tend to travel to Sydney on a semi-regular basis so I might be able to set up a house call, although most advice I can give you will be given over the phone or via email. He sounds like a great dog and if I can help you get him to a point where he is manageable I think it is worth a try.
    Food for thought.

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    there is a malamute rescue society, I would be contacting them for assistance.

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