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    I started this year thinking I would never be able to trust my elkhound with any other dogs. As a puppy he had been badly frightened by a bull terrier and there was no way he was going to have that happen again. He used to lunge and bark frantically and given half a chance try to attack other dogs. Then I bought Dog Training Kits and read the book Don't Shoot the Dog. He took to being clicked so quickly at first I thought I was imagining it. I clicked only when he walked close to me and he stayed at heel. I started to click as soon as we saw another dog and he was quiet. Gradually the distance shortened. He had learned a click was a good thing to happen and it was rubbing off on seeing other dogs. See a strange dog great look to me for click and treat. No more barking! I won't click for that, I put barking on cue so it is in process of being extinguished. Last week we walked him in the park and various dogs approached sniffed started to play around him. In the end he was gambling in play with at least six other dogs all strangers to us. He is a different dog and now enjoys playing with other dogs.

    And the bell training and whistle training are as useful as clicker training. We use the bell sounds to train him go to potty, and later, when he wants to go out, he will make the bell hanged on the door ringing, and reminds us it is time to go to potty. Very lovely. Oh, Dog Training Kits is an iPhone app. I bought it from App Store. Only $0.99. I have once gone to the dog training class, and this app was recommended by our training teachers. He said it is great. I had to say it is really great.

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    can you get it on normal ipods?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boxerini View Post
    can you get it on normal ipods?
    I am sorry, maybe not. It can only be used on iPhone and iPod touch.

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