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    Unhappy Barking Help!

    our older dog has just found her voice... and she is very vocal!
    as soon as something walks past the yard, (dog, random person, kid on a bike, or the post man), she just runs backward and forward barking! by backward and forward i mean, she will run there and bark, then run to our door and squeek, then run away and bark again.
    we have tried calling her to come, (which she will come halfway, squeek and run away again), catching her and putting her into the crate as time out. occasionally yelling for her to be quiet, and also trying to distract her with a fun game like fetch. she loves fetching!
    she never growls while barking, and her hackles are rarely up. unless there is another dog at the fence and it has run up quickly.

    its getting to be annoying, as our crated puppy cries at the first light of the morning, and doesn't settle so we have to let her out so the neighbours dont complain, and now, our older dog barks as soon as the guy next door starts heading off to work at 530am!
    mind you, her bark is very loud!!

    she is a german shepherd x kelpie if that helps!

    any suggestions would be good, as i don't want to get one of them electrocute collers as i think its mean, and has also put lumps on my sister's dobermann's neck

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    Never yell,its a signal to the dog that this is fun,so we are joining in,making loud noise like you!
    She is communicating and also showing her territory,warning off any potential threats to her property.If you are friends with that neighbour,maybe ask him to hand her a treat as soon as she runs to the fence,and doesnt bark.That way he will become friend instead of foe.If you are home with the dog,immediately go out and put her in a "sit" and praise her for being quiet.Do you have a backyard where she cant see people passing by?The postman is no help because,the dog barks,he leaves.Every time.She wins,it worked.So just be out there and have her sit,she will learn to ignore him.My dog used to behave exactly like yours,now she merely opens one eye ,decides its not worth the whole being put in the Sit thing,and goes back to sleep.We have always exercised our dogs a lot,it really helps,a tired dog is far less interested in showing off.

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    I agree that a tired dog will not bark as often, or a better way would be will not bark unnecessarily. Your dog is clearly trying to communicate to you that their is someone at the gate / fence. Running back and forth, trying to point them out to you. I agree never yell at your dog as this is said to be joining in the game. You can create a worse problem.

    The neighbors can be resolved if you get along with your neighbors. Invite them around once a week for a few weeks and get your dog to know them quite well, as this will teach him or her that they mean no threat. However I wouldn't encourage a dog who protects the house to take treats from random people, but this is only a personal opinion as I have seen this result in a dog being poisoned by someone wanting to rob the house.

    Take them for big walks or runs in the park to make them tired, and praise them when they do not bark. Be strict to them when they bark and tell them in a firm voice "NO". When they stop give them a small treat. I have had best results from my animal by praising them for their achievements instead of having them fearing "the corner" or anything else.

    I hope this helps you out with your problem.

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    You can try cueing her to a whistle. You use it as a bridge, like yes or a clicker. What you do is start her on a lead and have a small piece of treat in your hand, give a short sharp blow on the whistle and give her the food. Work on this for a while, whistle-food, whistle-food, she will get the idea that the whistle means food. Once she has the idea you can wait until she is distracted and blow the whistle. If she gives you attention, then give her the treat. If she doesnt return her attention to you the take it back to the first step and work from there a bit more.
    When you get to the stage where you can have her distracted whilst on lead and have her return attention to you reliably, let her off lead, in a controled envirnment, and try it then. You should have her stopping what she is doing and comming to you, even when she is barking, in no time at all!!
    Good luck!

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