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Thread: Overally Protective of Kids..

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    Hi Cate thanks for replying..

    So rather then working on Chloe ignoring Tay and the scooter when we go for a walk, you're suggesting that i in fact get Tay to walk her first? THEN attempt the scooter scenario?

    We do have a naughty corner its my bathroom (nothing in there to get into and chew lol) but my laundry also leads onto the backyard (well one of the access points) so I could easily change that without a bother... Obviously chloe is going to bark which we will ignore, but how long does she stay in there for? and when she comes out and tries to jump all over us we do the usual ignore, stand arms crossed and ignore her till she's calm like we do when we get home?

    Do not get Tay to give Chloe treats as she will be looking for them all the time, only to tell her "no" and to be the authoritive person.
    Oh that's really interesting as I was allowing tay to give her treats on positive behavior (not when i'm trying to break a habit with tay)... Will stop that now though Tay wont be happy (poor girl) hopefully a bit of explaining will help!

    But do it as role play first get her doing it to a stuffed toy dog, get her to train it and teach it things. This makes the initial learning fun and not intimidating.
    fantastic idea i never would of thought of that! even though she has 100000 stuff toy dogs.. Will start that tonight!

    again thanks guys!

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    Hi Jodz,
    Yeah I would go back to basics -
    Get Tay to walk Chloe on lead then move up to the scooter, then the running and jumping and loopy 6 year old stuff! LOL!
    In my opinion she stays in the naughty corner until she calms down, would you put Tay in the naughty corner for say crying and then 5 mins later she was still crying but you let her out? Rightly or wrongly I have trained my dogs as I "trained" my kids, the same rules apply.

    I hope things do look up for you and just remember, dogs like kids do go through phases and she will grow up, but you need to nip it in the bud now, so that you have the family member that you are happy to have around you.

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    Hey Jodz,

    I won't bombard you again too much, I think from the conversations here and the great tips from Cate and your trainer you guys are doing an awesome job!

    I think the walking routine and starting things off slowly and progressively working up is a great way to handle things. It's amazing how much more disciplined a pooch can be after he/she has learnt basic walking skills in the first instance. I have met a lot of people who have been so frustrated because they can't ride their bike or rollerblade with their pooch - only to learn that they were never a 'great' walker to start with.

    You are also very patient which is going to be awesome. Some of the most stubborn walking dogs can become the most responsive walking dogs - but it 'can' take a lotttttttttttttt of time and effort. To make it fun you could take some video of Chloe along the training journey and when you get to the end and she is an awesome walker, you will have the best clips to show Tay and the family .. heck you could even put them on youtube hehe.

    Anyways, as always just sing out if you wanna go through it in anymore detail.

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