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    To anyone who thinks they can help...
    I live on roughly 10 acres and own two blue cattle dogs, one six months the other about 4 years. The older of the two has always had the same problem. He will happily be at home for hours and then suddenly decide he wants to go up the road to play with the neighbours dogs. This is not only annoying but he has the habbit of coming home through paddocks where he constantly finds injuries in fences and whatever else which has ended in a couple of trips to the vet. Its really frustrating especially when he once he has decide to go, you can call but he ignores you. How can i keep him at home apart from using a fence which is not practical at the moment, and how do i get him to come to me instead of bailing? All tips are welcome i need some help thanks
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    Lay down an electric fence if you cant put up a proper one. An electric fence is better than a dead dog

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    Or learn to use an electric remote training collar - depending if you are where they are legal to use. However it won't work when you're not around to press the button. Unlike the "invisible fence" which also works with a collar that is triggered by proximity to a fence with a transmitter system that sets off a zap or a citron squirt.

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    I use a containment system, they are great, no need to watch the dog... Dog goes near boundary and dog get a correction via the reciver collar...
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