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Thread: Barking in 9 Month Puppy

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    Hi Ctcole

    The Delta training people don't believe in spray bottles - they think they're cruel. I disagree. I find I don't need a direct hit any more, a near miss will do, and my dog isn't freaked out or upset by the spray - in fact she will chase it (or a spray from the hose) round the garden if I need any assistance to get her to exercise more. And I never used vinegar or lemon juice drops in the water either.

    I'm glad you're getting all sorted. I had neighbours over my back fence when I lived in another suburb, who had a small white fluffy bark a lot dog. It would bark at me in my house. It would bark at possums all night. I could handle the day time stuff but really objected to continous barking at 3am when I had to be up at 6am. That dog disappeared one day. Which was a bit over the top if you ask me. The owners made no attempt to re-train it. They'd occasionally yell at it - which it, as most dogs would, took as encouragement ie the owner is joining in, it must be something to bark at.

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    I agree with you on the spray bottle, and it has worked wonders for me. Rocky has ceased his nuisance barking but still lets me know once or twice when something is upsetting him. I rarely have to spray him at all anymore - sometimes I just take the bottle out and he understands, or I'll spray the ground near him.

    Thanks to all who posted, I believe that our problems may finally be over and and I'd like to say many thanks to everyone who posted

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    I'm so pleased that it is working out for you - and without a massive expense either! He looks like a lovely dog, loads of character in that face!

    Best wishes that the improvement continues!

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    Well done ctcole!!!

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