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    we'll be taking our new puppy to puppy pre-school and then dog training i think... i want it to be a really good dog, the dog i have now, well he's good but he's never been obedianced trained, he'll come to me when i call and sit and sometimes lay down and shake my hand. I can't let him off the leash at parks tho cuz he'll never come back, but he's a good boy, love him to death. I don't want my new puppy to be a robot, i dont like it when they walk right next to you, my dog loves sniffing things and plants and whatever...also what is agility?

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    hi organicsab

    Obedience training is mostly about teaching you how to teach your dog. There is a focus on accuracy ie "robotics" as you describe, but that's mainly because for people who really enjoy it, there is a competition level with rules (google Australian Kennel Club), and you lose points if your dog is not stuck to you.

    But just because the dog knows what "heel" means, doesn't mean he can't go sniff when you release. Obedience training should help you learn how to teach your dog to come back to you reliably. It won't turn your dog into a robot. Your dog may remain a dog, but hopefully a better behaved one when you want.

    Agility is competition obstacle course races for dogs. Ie they have jumps and poles to weave, and tunnels to run through, a seesaw, a ramp walk and you have to guide your dog around the right course eg the left jump not the right jump and the tunnel not the seesaw etc, in the fastest time. Dogs, especially farm dogs have an absolute ball doing this because it really engages a lot of their intelligence and energy. But any dogs can do it.

    But in my club, before you can start Agility - you need to have a really reliable "Stay" and a really reliable "Come". And you get that from Obedience training. We're not allowed to start Agility until our dogs have passed "grade 5" and are ready to start CCD ie the first level of competition obedience classes, and they are at least 1 year old. Some aspects of agility ie the jumping and weaves are bad for dogs that are younger. Some dog training schools will start on a gentler version of agility with younger dogs eg Delta. Ie jumps that puppies can walk over, and weaves that are two rows of poles which the puppy runs between instead of zigging around every pole.

    Dogs SA :: Official Website
    Australian National Kennel Council
    Delta Society Australia

    and a cute picture from the dogs sa website

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