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Thread: Separation Anxiety Help.

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    Red face Separation Anxiety Help.

    hey all,
    i have a 11 week old Siberian husky x who gets pretty bad separation anxiety.
    as soon as you are out of her view, and she cannot follow you, she starts howling and crying etc.
    now, i live in suburbia, my neighbors are only a few meters away, and even though their dog barks continuously (i have not ever reported it or anything) i reckon they will probably chuck a stink and have my pup reported. i have on occasion heard them yell at my other dog for running around and squeaking her toys. (she doesn't bark)
    currently my 7 week old is crate training for toileting, and she has learnt (most of the time) the command sit.

    has anyone got any tips for us to try and stop my pup from crying and howling when we leave? she is too young for bones and doesn't display interest in my older dog's ones lying around. and also doesn't display interest in toys unless their a pair of my partners smelly work socks. which she just runs around with.

    thanks in advance
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    i have the same problem with my 7 week old heeler...

    il be watching here

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    mmmmm...Sadly it may be something that you will never fully be on top of.

    Having said that there are things you can put in place to minimise the stress , both for your pup and the neighbours.
    You mention another dog? Is the other dog in sight of the youngster when you go out? If not is it possible to do so ?

    Also you could try some small block training to have him become accustomed to you leaving and returning.
    For example, ready yourself and the pup as if you are leaving but only actually leave for 5 minutes . Return,reward good behaviour . You may need to start with even smaller steps though ,be prepared .You need to be able to reward happy ,relaxed behaviour.
    Extend time....etc etc...
    You also need to accustom said pup to being away from you even when you are home. Just your own personal space type thing.Set some boundaries and keep them .

    There really is no quick fix unfortunately for seperation anxiety .Leaving pup in crate may even help if pup feels 'secure' in crate. Also toys such as Kongs and similar.Gibve him something to do.Old bones really don't spark a bubs play drive as well food/bones around older dogs and pups could also be dangerous
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    How much time do you spend with this dog? When a puppy cries it is clearly in distressed about its present "in the moment" situation. It lacks confidence to be on its own. My little dog use to be like that but she's learned to cope. Here's what I would do:

    I will force myslef to be calm take deep breathes before going near that pup.
    When I am near it, I will not touch it.I will not let it in my lap. I will not pet it. I will not talk to it. I will not even look at it. I will let it sniff me but that is all I would let it do. I will ignore it as long as it is in distressed. I will ignore all its cries and trashing.
    Dogs communicate through auras they project. If you project a calm assertive aura, a dog will eventually go into a calm submissive state. You'll know when she is in a calm submissive state when its stopped crying and trashing, head slightly bowed and relaxed. Then you could start giving it some attention. As soon as it starts whining again stop giving attention or leave.
    Practice this all the time you are in its presence.
    To read more about pack structure, try reading this url: Leerburg's Establishing Pack Structure DVD
    Remember, it all boils down to establishing a good pack structure and executing this without exeptions. Also make sure that you are fulfilling it's activity requirement. A large backyard is no substitute for a good walk or play. Goodluck.

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    Its a real problem with my 2 cavoodles too. I have just taken ownership of my daughters 2 year old cavoodle and I have already got a 1 year old cavoodle. my own dog was fine until I introduced the other dog. Now when I return home from work all hell breaks loose! The carry on is intense! The neighbour even came over the other day because she thought one was hurt! I have tried ignoring, growling, short trips away and then returning so they are a bit confused but its always the same, BEDLAM! They seem to react the same with my son and husband. I will be interested to see waht others advise, Good luck!

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    Has anyone tried Kongs?

    They can be filled with food and will occupy many bored dogs (try them filled with pet mince and frozen in hot weather!).

    Some won't though, if they're really anxious.

    Some pups do better if more confined. Many people balk at crating dogs, thinking they are being mean. But they can give a sense of security to a young dog. Try putting them in crates or small enclosures for short periods. Then gradually extend that period.

    What you're aiming for is for them to understand that they can be without you and still feel safe.

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