I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem I am having with my dog.

She is a cocka-spaniel cross with golden retriever and is 4 years old.

One problem I am having with her is that she constantly whinges to be near us. We cant be anywhere around the home without her having to be within the same room or area. As good as that was early doors to have her constantly around us, she won't give up on whinging or scratching at a door to be by our side. She just suffers some sort of separation anxiety. What can we do to stop that?

The second problem that we are having is that everytime someone comes to our door or even if a friend is at our place, she will growl and show her teeth aggressively as if she is going to bite them (even if that person has been at our place for an hour or so). We have recently had tradies doing some renovations at our place and everytime she sees them she goes crazy. It's quite embarrassing. We don't want her as a gaurd dog but just to be a liitle more friendly than she is now. We wouldn't mind if she did it when we weren't home but it doesn't matter if we are with that person, she will still go crazy.

If anyone could help us it would be greatly appreciated as we do love our dog.

Thank you.