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Thread: Victoria stilwell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleasanta View Post
    I am sure she has moved to the States.....
    I recently saw an episode or 2 filmed in the US & her attire was definitely not "Madam Lash".

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    Victoria and Cesar both use a style of training. Both have huge marketing behind them. And to be honest on these tv shows you rarely see what actually happens.

    I had the ?pleasure??? of seeing Cesar when her was here in oz and to be honest we were in the 2nd row from the front and what the rest of the audience could see was the snarl of this supposed agressive dog who was reformed because of Cesar...
    You can't fix a dog as quickly as they say...
    It takes time patience and a will.

    Both Cesar and Victoria have methods that work... not necessarily a method I would use entirely, but I have used a concept from both...

    WOW that is a long post for me!!!
    Dogs Aren't Our Whole Lives, But They Make Our Lives Whole

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    Isn't she the one with "Stains the Cupcake Dog"?

    YouTube - The ORIGINAL Stains from "It's Me or the Dog"

    He's hilarious...

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    this is strange... first we go from talking about vic's methods, then her leather, then hubbys and watching TV while half naked people are on the screen...
    lol much?

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