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Thread: Choker Chains

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    I don't use a check chain any longer but still use the same principle.
    I use the Black Dog martingale collars here and on very strong new dogs I will put both a halti and a martingale on so that I am not totally relying on the halti but do have some control should something go wrong.
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    I think the politically correct name for choke chains is "slip collar" now, doesn't sound so nasty! I instruct Group 3 at my local dog obedience club and I'm constantly telling them loose leads, don't pull so tight etc. I believe that the collar is a last resort and your voice is the most important tool you have, something which can be adjusted to suit the situation.

    Both my dogs wear a nylon collar in obedience trials and one has been selected for my State Obedience Titles and the other is training for her UD and they have never worn a "slip collar" at any stage of their life.

    Your voice combined with positive reinforcement, encouragment, confidence, lots and lots of praise will train a dog a lot quicker than a quick jerk with a collar.

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    compulsion training is still very popular unfortunately, but it works for some people I guess. I like the strong collars from blackdog. the Infin8 collars from them are great for pullers, esp those that pull backwards.

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