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    hey my name is brent and i was just wanting to no if i would beable to train my 5 year old american bulldog to come in side and be house trained becuse about a week ago i had a english bulldog that has pastaway.. his mate.. and i dont want him to think that his just being ignored becuse of this.. i can get him to sit stay his a little excited at times. im hoping i will beable to do this becuse he would make a good house dog even no his a big dog but lovely pet.. i no i should have done this when he was a pup.. but i didnt live here.. so i couldnt but now that i do.. well its time so if any one would be able to give me some advice would be good... thanks brent!

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    Despite the old saying - you certainly CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

    The best way to tackle toilet training with an older male is to confine him initially - in a crate or pen you can put up indoors. The instinct to mark territory is heightened by wandering and sniffing about inside.

    So keep him confined to start with, and take him out to the toilet - making a big deal out of him going outside. The best reward for going outside is letting him come back in with you - if he's lost his mate he will want your company more than ever.

    When you start letting him out of the crate or pen watch him carefully. He needs to know that lying about quietly is appropriate behaviour indoors. So if he gets up to wander and sniff put him out to pee.

    If you're worried you will miss something with him you can try belly-bands. They are just a cloth band with an absorbent insert like a female sanitary pad that goes around his belly, does up with velcro, and catches any leg-cocking incidents indoors - saving your furniture...

    I have toilet trained adult greyhounds who have spent their lives in kennels, and it really is just a matter of careful watching, reinforcing good behaviour a huge amount, and ignoring any accidents.

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    Ty for the Addvice

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    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    How secluded from neighbours is your back yard? Having a pee (drink lots of water, lol) with him outside may also help. Lavish praise when he does.

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