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Thread: Male Dog Urinating Inside

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    I wouldn't use Febreeze as it will only mask the smell and it leaves a very faint sticky residue which then attracks dirt and grime.

    Buy Bio-Zet washing powder. It breaks down enzymes in urine. Mix it with some water and rinse the area with this, then rinse with clean water and rinse well. If it is on a rug or carpet, I'd then use bi carb on the area and when 100% dry, vacuum off.
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    We too have a male dog that urinates in the house. He's not desexed either but that will be remedied shortly. He started doing it after our old dog died and he will go into the kids play room and go too even if the door is open unless I catch him first. I've never understood rubbing their noses in it or smacking either. Our dog knows its wrong too but it doesn't seem to help much. I'm hoping after the desexing he'll curb it (I've posted about his behaviour before)

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    Hi Adnilem,

    For me, definately no nose smacking! Taking him outside after he's done the deed and simply ignoring him for hours won't achieve anything, either. Could make it worse IMO.

    Agree with what others have pointed out straight away - book him into the vet to have him de-sexed asap.

    In the meantime, do you actually catch him in the act? Or is if after the 'event' that you notice he's done it? I would firstly keep a good watch on him, and back-track to your original house-training...taking him outside at regular intervals and at crucial times to relieve himself. When he goes outside, praise him like there's no tomorrow.

    There could be several reasons he has suddenly started doing this, and I'm sure others here will advise you.

    All the best.

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